Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Dark Bistre 3236

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Please order in multiples of 16 tiles so we can dispatch your order faster as this is a stocked item with 16 tiles per box. Splitting boxes may not be possible.

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Sorry, this product or certain colours from this product are no longer available as they have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Our awesome sales team may be able to help you find another alternative.

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Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Arabesque 3123
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Bleeckerstreet 3127
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Blue 3030
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Calico 2713
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Caribbean 3038
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Chartreuse 3224
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Concrete 3136
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Dandelion 3225
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Dark Bistre 3236
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Dove Blue 3053
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Dove Grey 2621
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Eiger 2629
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Forest Ground 3234
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Fresco Blue 3055
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Golden Saffron 3847
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Graphite 3048
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Green Wellness 3881
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Himalaya 3141
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Honey Suckle 3268
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Horse Roan 3232
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Mist Grey 3032
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Plum 3272
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Rosato 3120
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Rust 2767
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Sahara 3174
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Sand 2499
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Serene Grey 3146
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Shell 3075
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Shitake 3233
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Slate Grey 3137
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Spa 3219
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Van Gogh 3173
Forbo Marmoleum Marbled - Real Violet 3270


What you need to know

You’ll be keepin’ it real with this marbled vinyl flooring, and unlike real marble it ain’t going to be freezin’ ye feet off either.

Here at DCTUK, we are keeping it real with the gorgeous Forbo Marmoleum Marble Collection. Real is Forbo’s classic blend of marbled vinyl flooring. With a whopping 33 colours in the collection from Dove Grey to Sahara and from Caribbean to Fresco Blue, there is something in this range to suit every space…and if not, it’s part of Forbo’s Marbled Collection which has 90 colours for you to choose from.

How do they do it I hear you ask? Well, the structures in Marmoleum Marbled are built up from 2 to 5 colours that are processed together to create a marbled structure, varying from classic and bold brights to warm neutrals.

Worried about the environmental impact? Fear not, the Real range is carbon neutral and is made of anywhere between 94 and 98% of natural materials! Plus, Forbo are so clever, they even use 100% electricity from renewable sources to make this product. So, you can sleep easy at night knowing you haven’t killed any trees.

  • Delivery 5-6 working days
  • Full roll size: 64m2
  • Cut lengths available - order in multiples of 16m2
  • Made with 97% natural raw materials
  • Biodegradable & naturally bacteriostatic 
  • Carbon neutral
  • Does not need sealing or polishing
  • 33 colours
  • Suitable for castor chairs
  • Perfect for areas with high traffic
  • Gets tougher with age
  • Marble effect

What the $@%*! is Marmoleum?

The better question is what the heck isn't it? Well it's not vinyl, it's not carpet, and it's not LVT. Technically it's Forbo's brand name for linoleum flooring, but what is linoleum?

Linoleum is probably the most natural product you can get in terms of all the ingredients that go into it. It's made from 97% natural materials such as wood flour, linseed rosin, cocoa beans, squirrel droppings, the fingernails from a mole... ok we made the last two up, but you get the idea - it's a cool bit of engineering.

From a buyers perspective it has a number of great advantages - you don't need to seal it or polish it, it's extremely hardwearing and will get harder over time (keep your jokes to yourself), and is suitable for every type of surface known to man - walls, ceilings, furniture, the moon etc.

From a Greta Thunberg perspective (remember her?) it ticks all the boxes. Carbon neutral - yes. Renewable - yes. Organic - yes. Made from waste material - yes. Gold star sticker to Forbo please!

What's in the set?

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Using our unique project planning system we ensure that when it comes to fitting, you are kept in the loop at every stage of the process and the goods arrive on site on time, every time. We also fit outside of standard hours, for examples weekends, evenings and bank holidays.

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  • Size:
  • Construction:
  • Composition:
  • Guarantee:
  • Pile height/wear layer:
  • Pile weight:
  • Total thickness:
  • Castor chair rating:
  • 2 m x 32 m
  • Linoleum rolls
  • Natural raw materials
  • 10 year(s)
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • 2.5 mm
  • Suitable for use

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