13 unusual reasons to love carpet tiles


13 unusual reasons to love carpet tiles

There are a million and one practical reasons to love carpet tiles but as you know, all work and no play can make life pretty dull which is why we've come up with 13 weird and whacky as to reasons why carpet tiles should be your lucky charm.

I mean... the low maintenance, high durability, never-ending colour options, low cost price tag and boundless design opportunities are awesome but let's get down to the real reasons you need carpet tiles in your life:

1. You won't slip when you're just in your stocking feet.

If you end up looking like Bambi on ice when you stumble out of bed in the morning, the extra friction of carpet will do you the world of good.

2. You can make a squishy hopscotch.

Concrete and chalk? Don't think so - that means grazed knees and a whole load of mess. Try carpet tiles and fabric paint instead. Thank us later.

3. You can cut 'em up and make cute coasters out of 'em.

When you're done with your carpet tile samples, you can upcycle them as coasters that you can bet your bottom dollar your friends won't find in the shops.

4. Much safer way of playing a game of Twister.

When your twisting and turning yourself into a human pretzel after a few glasses of wine, keep healthy and safety in check with a bit of carpet tile cushioning.

Cheap commercial carpet tiles
Blue tiles for an office

5. Keep those twinkle toes nice and toasty all year round.

Who needs underfloor heating and expensive slippers when you've got a plush cut pile carpet tile like Nouveau Cosy Toes?

6. Won't smash your phone screen if you drop it on its face. Yikes!

Ditch that stomach churning feeling when you drop your touchscreen phone on the floor and do the dreaded reveal... Soft carpet tiles mean no cracks. Trust me. I know.

7. Fido won't slip 'n' slide after a rumble in the mud.

We've already covered the best flooring for pets but carpet really is a great way to stop your four legged friends slipping and sliding around with muddy paws.

8. Enhances that warm, 'I'm home' smell. Mmm.

Just try to make sure that the aroma those babies are absorbing is more apple pie than ten-week-old laundry.

9. You can make a portable rug to take up and put down as you please.

Carpet tiles make great rugs as well as wall to wall floor coverings. Want to turn your living room or office into a mini dancefloor? Simply take the tiles up and pile them away in the corner.

Cheap commercial carpet tiles
Blue tiles for an office

10. They'll absorb all of your guilty pleasure songs and caterwauling.

Lots of the carpet tiles we have here at DCTUK help to absorb impact noise so you can belt out your favourite ballads while still keeping your street cred in check.

11. They won't scratch your favourite DVDs when you abandon them on the floor.

We're all guilty of not putting our DVDs back in their boxes straight away but they'll be in safe hands if you happen to abandon them on a tufted loop or a soft and gently cut pile.

12. Gives the pitter of tiny feet something more plush to patter on.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, floors provide the foundations for some of the most memorable milestones in our lives including our very first steps so choose wisely.

13. Unsusceptible to the scratch of stiletto heels.

After first steps comes the posh office shoes or the sky-scraping stilettos. Keep your floor looking as good as it did on day one by going for scratch-proof carpet tiles.