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A date with Desso Desert AirMaster®


A date with Desso Desert AirMaster®

Just when we thought Desso couldn't get any cleverer, they go and combine one of their most popular carpet tile ranges with their cutting AirMaster® technology. That's right, Desso Desert has been given a modern makeover and we're ready and raring to shout about it.

How AirMaster® works it's magic

Okay I'm going to leave the tricky technology to the geniuses over at Desso and keep things simple here... Basically, the air we breathe is jam packed full of particles of all different sizes, even if we can't see 'em. The size of these particles directly effects how damaging they are for us mere mortals and Desso is on mission to reduce this damage.

Tiny particles with a larger aerodynamic diameter (like strands of hair) make their way into our lungs, while fine dust particles with a small diameter (like grains of sand) can even end up inside our cardiovascular systems. Yikes. Luckily the AirMaster® collection is on hand with it's AirFilters™ and DustCollectors™ to capture these pesky particles and prevent them from becoming airborne again.

Desso AirMaster
Desso Desert AirMaster carpet tiles

Leaving particle pollution to fly at free will around our breathing zones not only risks serious heart and lung problems, employee absence and productivity are also directly impacted. Any carpet tile equipped with Desso AirMaster® technology has been proven to be 8 times better at reducing fine dust than smooth flooring solutions and 4 times better than standard carpet tiles.

Sleep easy with Cradle to Cradle® EcoBase™ backing

Cast your mind back a few months and you might remember me telling you all about Desso's Cradle to Cradle® vision. The Cradle to Cradle concept is all about tacking three main issues: toxicity in materials, climate change and resource scarcity and this forward-thinking brand is Silver Certified in the matter.

The new Desert AirMaster® range that's now available right here at DCTUK comes kitted out with the planet-savvy and super durable Desso EcoBase™ backing. This backing comes as standard on all AirMaster® ranges and is made using only materials that are 100% positive for the environment and totally reusable.

Desso EcoBase Cradle to Cradle
Desso Desert AirMaster carpet tiles

The ability to significantly purify the air we live and work in as well as simultaneously protecting the planet has lead AirMaster® to become the world's first product to be certified with the GUI Gold Plus label. This means positive results were given after more than 15 consecutive tests and not just based on a one time performance so you can be safe in the knowledge this baby will do the trick.

Oh and it looks pretty fabulous too...

The design of Desso Desert AirMaster®

Inspired by the shifting sands of the Sahara Desert, this range of contemporary carpet tiles creates a feeling of vast open space to instil serenity and calm in any interior. The new AirMaster® edition introduces a beautiful blue hue and a contemporary shade of mink to tickle all those modern design trends knocking about at the minute.

Desso Desert AirMaster carpet tiles
Desso Desert AirMaster carpet tiles

Random lay installation means this clever range of carpet tiles is not only easy on the old respiratory system, they're also super kind to your budget. Being able to chuck 'em s down any which way means less wastage, less time and less fiddling about with intricate patterns and stuff.

Like what you see? Grab yourself some free samples and find out what all the fuss is about.