Who is Annabelle?


Who is Annabelle?

You might have spoken to Annabelle, or received an email from her. But who is she? We'll let Annabelle explain in her own words...


I am one month into to being DCTUK's Office Junior aka google drive organiser, residential call taker and newly appointed B&M girl. I only had minimal experience in office work and dreamt of a classic 9-5 job and a swivel chair, luckily they took the leap of faith in me and fulfilled my swivel chair dreams. It is the perfect job for me, I love a good bit of organising and doing the odd bits and bobs that there are to do. No day is ever the same here, there is such a variety of tasks for me to do that the possibility of it getting repetitive is not an option!

My first month has consisted of a lot of learning. Learning how to take residential calls and orders, how to add products to the website, doing the odd few live chats here and there and even learning how to package up and dispatch the samples! Each day I have 100 questions but slowly the questions are going down one by one each day as I learn all there is to know about the carpet tile world.

Annabelle focusing on the task at hand!

Admittedly, my knowledge of carpet tiles was very minimal before I started working here at DCTUK, honestly, I didn't really know anything. One week in I was noticing that where I live has carpet tiles, so did my local gym and practically most of the places I went. They were following me everywhere! They are a great easy cost-effective alternative to the standard carpet rolls. I've come to realise that there are an endless varieties of carpet tiles, from plank shaped to tile shaped to a cut pile to a tufted loop, whatever you may need them for, the right carpet tile is out there waiting for you. A massive perk in my eyes of carpet tiles is the stain trick, if you have stain or spillage (which is a frequent occurrence for me) it's no problem just replace the tile and pretend it never happened! Something a parent of any clumsy tea spilling child could benefit from.

A favourite tile of mine is the Nouveau Cosy Toes II range, I love the cosy winter vibe it gives. It caught my eye straight away on my first day in the sample room and it has been sitting on my desk ever since. With its soft cut pile feel and 10mm thickness it is the perfect tile for a bedroom or living room, it’s like having one giant rug.

I have so much more to learn and over the next couple of months I am sure my questions will become less frequent and I won’t have to ask Jon and Naomi for their advice every live chat I get but for now, let’s take it slow. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

If you're shopping for the home, Annabelle is a great person to contact. She can help you choose samples and take payment for your order over the phone. Just give her a call on 0151 705 9528 or email annabelle@dctuk.com. Thank you Annabelle for giving us an insight into your first few weeks at DCTUK!

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