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Behind the scenes: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Jon Techilovsky

Behind the scenes: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

If you’ve been a customer with us for over a year, you will have seen our last Christmas video “Carpet Tiles are comin’ To Town!”. I bet it got stuck in your head all day, didn’t it? Well, we’ve topped that and released a Christmas video with an EVEN catchier song.

The video may only be 2 minutes long but it certainly took longer than that to film and put together. It was a real team effort from everyone to make it during this time of year but it was so worth it and extremely fun to make! Here’s the inside scoop from the making of DCTUK’s “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree”.

Who created the song?

It was a joint effort to be honest.

No, i’m kidding. Our Marketing Manager Jon is a secret lyrical genius and wrote the entire song in a day for us to learn.

Where did you go to film the snow?

We booked the Snow Park at the Chill Factore for our whole team and the boss’s family which was a right laugh. Adam, our camera guy came along and filmed us being the professional adults we are, gracefully tumbling off sledges and whizzing down the ice slides.

That part of the video was the easiest to film.

Where did you film the singing portion?

At our office! Who needs a fancy recording studio when you’ve got a good mic and a beautifully decorated, festive office. The hardest part was getting everyone into groups and to actually sing the entire way through the song without laughing.

Did everyone rehearse the lyrics before hand?

I’d like to say we did, but i’m not going to tell fibs. We had a makeshift autocue to help us along!

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In our video, we mention we're planting trees in the rain forest of Sumatra in every customer's name to help save the orangutans. If you'd like to know a little more about this, click here for that blog post!