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Burmatex (TIV-VUH-LEE) Tivoli

Georgia Urmson


Okay, let's get one thing straight, I clearly cannot pronounce Tivoli as I was saying it wrong throughout the whole video, so I'm clearly not the best person to ask here. However, I did spend my morning on google translate learning how to say it properly and learned that Tivoli is a town in Rome and was the Roman Empires summer 'hot spot'. See you really do learn something new every day. So it's not all bad I suppose. 

Anyway, It's pronounced TI-VUH-LEE, not TI-VO-LI, which is silly if you ask me as that is how it's spelt, but I'm sure I'll get over it one day..or not😭.

Ok, I get it, what is the Burmatex Tivoli?

Ok sorry, back about the product. So the Burmatex Tivoli is such a fun vibrant carpet tile range that comes in 42 colours and each of the tiles is named after big destinations around the world which is pretty cool if you ask me. My personal fave being Miami Aqua. 

You can use the tiles exclusively on their own or mix and match colours to match brandings or interiors, to create a cool design. Check out some examples below! 


Who is the Burmatex Tivoli for?

The Burmatex Tivoli is suitable for heavy contract commercial settings such as schools, offices play centres etc, as it is super strong & durable to withstand LOTS of footfall, and they are so sure of this they have given it a 10-year warranty! 

However, of course, that doesn't mean that it's completely exclusive to only be used in those areas. Another good idea is to use these in a children's playroom in a home, the bright colours and strength of the carpet tiles make it a perfect fit for this! 

Can you design me a floor plan with these?

Of course! Our super cool Design Lab will help you do this! Just send us all your ideas and we will come up with a design plan for you! Just look at some examples below we have created for our clients! Best of all, this service is free! 


Okay I love them!

I knew you would! So if you want to book your fitting with these carpet tiles just click here! Remeber we offer stress-free nationwide fitting, so you can get your FREE quote today! Also, remember to order your free samples too, you should always try before you buy 😉. 

Want to know more? Then just watch this video below. I will warn you, like I said before, I do pronounce Tivoli wrong throughout, but there is fun to this.. At the end of the video there is a bonus scene, where I go around and ask DCTUK staff how they would say it, it's funny, so make sure you watch the video all the way through to see this!😂


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