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Carpet fitting magic we've made during March


Carpet fitting magic we've made during March

As you know, while our super sales team are busy finding you the best possible prices on our collection of low cost carpet tiles and vinyl flooring, we also have a team of expert fitters working away in the background to provide our first class, nationwide fitting service.

We'll take any excuse we can to show off the wonderful work they do in big offices and public spaces around the UK so here's a cheeky little round up of some of the best bits this month.

A taste of Paragon Diversity for Advanced Energy

When the customer goes for something as classic as Paragon Diversity, we certainly can't argue with them. Especially when they choose a timeless shade like Foundary Grey. Made using durable Nylon yarns, this range of commercial carpet tiles is a no-brainer for those of you looking for simple style and unshakeable substance.

Diversity is the perfect choice when you're on the hunt for stylish carpet tiles for reception areas, something hardwearing for busy corridors or something super smart for a busy, modern office like the Advanced Energy HQ. Our fabulous fitters made sure everything fell into place with an Uplift, Dispose, Move & Fit service.

Paragon Diversity carpet tiles
Paragon Diversity carpet tiles

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A simple straight lay with Nouveau Carnival

Carpet tiles from our exclusive Nouveau Commercial collection are always a popular choice so it's no surprise that good old Nouveau Carnival is making a reappearance in the fitting schedule once again. Adored for it's 15 year warranty, discount price tag, fire-resistant properties, diverse colour scheme and tough Nylon construction, Carnival is a tufted loop pile carpet tile you won't want to miss out on.

Using contrasting coloured carpet tiles is the perfect way to create zonal areas in an open plan workspace or to demonstrate direction through visual difference. We love Key Mail UK's use of two best-selling colours from the Carnival collection, (Pebble and Palace Stone) to do exactly that and we hear from the guys over at Key Mail that our floor fitters did a sterling job on their Straight Lay installation. 'Excellent', in fact.

Nouveau Carnival carpet tiles in office fit out project
Nouveau Carnival carpet tiles in office fit out project

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A focus on Modulyss First Stripes for Zoom UK

Ooh it's been a mixed bag this month that's for sure! We've even had some Modulyss First Stripes thrown in there for a punch of pinstripe personality that we're sure is going to have heads turning at Zoom UK. That's right, our band of merry carpet fitters can even turn their dexterous hands to the straight and narrow of a style-statement staircase.

Many people ask us "but can you put carpet tiles on stairs?" and we just have to show them a snap like the one below and they're convinced - hook, line and sinker. If you're thinking of doing something similar to this vision of blue at Zoom then be sure to take a pitstop at our collection of stair nosings and treads to make sure your new floor gets all the finishing touches it needs to flourish.

Modulyss First Stripes carpet tiles
Modulyss First Stripes carpet tiles

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