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Carpet Jargon for Dummies

If someone told me 3 weeks ago I would no longer be a sales assistant in a retail store because i'd be writing blogs about carpet tiles, I'd think you were mad. I'd say, "whose arsed about carpet tiles? You just stick them on the floor and you're good to go".

Well, after a week of working at DCT, guess who's now fascinated with carpet tiles? This girl. I feel like I've fell down a magical carpet tile rabbit hole but Nouveau Cosy Toes softened my fall.

*Take a shot every time I say the word carpet tile*

I'm Naomi and i'm here to explain in layman terms all the technological sh*t about carpet tiles that I didn't understand 2 weeks ago.

Now, I knew what a carpet tile was because it's pretty self explanatory, but I didn't know the benefits of laying carpet tiles instead of broadloom (a big roll of carpet). I didn't know the carpet tile market is booming, which is a little embarrassing since I went to university and studied marketing and growing market sectors, but hey ho at least I know now. The second thing I didn't know was how pricey carpets can actually be, so you need to be money savvy and choose carpet tiles. There's less wastage so it doesn't feel like you're throwing your money away and they're easy to fit from what I've seen.

Some of the popular industry terms that I heard going around the office left me thinking I was stupid for not understanding this whole other foreign language. I'm going to explain some of the terms I've learned over the past couple of weeks so you too don't feel like Joey from Friends.

Heavy contract use

This basically means the carpet tile is perfect for high traffic areas such as entrances or offices.

Pile composition

A fancy way of saying what the tile is made out of.

Commercial application

Another fancy way of saying the carpet tiles are being fitted in a office or public space.


Basically colour choices of each carpet range. Why say colour choice when you can sound all professional and say colourways?


If you see this word floating about the carpet tile corner of the internet, it's a good thing. The material that makes up an ECONYL based carpet tile was once polluting our oceans but Aquafil Group found a way to fish some of the plastic sh*te out of it and make use of it. Read more about the process here.


Cut pile

Carpet is most commonly made up of lots of little loops that all come together to create flooring magic. A cut pile construction comes about when there loops are cut to create tall tufts that stand upright.

Tufted loop pile

Tufted loop pile tiles are those which haven't gone through the cutting process described above, so the loops are still…well, looped. These tiles are extremely wear-resistant and easy to clean.


Polypropylene is a tough substance that manufacturers often use to offer durability, anti-germ qualities and handy moisture-repelling properties.

Well, that's enough of carpet tile lingo for now, if you want to reach out to me and have a chat, you can find me on Linkedin, Twitter or email me at For now, you're best calling our lovely sales team on 03453022675 If you have any queries because it's only a couple weeks into this role and quite frankly, I don't have a bloody clue about most things and don't want to give you any wrong advice. Give me 3-6 months, then you can ask all the questions you want!

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