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Time to chill out with Interface!

Charlotte Hitchman

Time to chill out with Interface!

Kick back and relax with the updated Ice Breaker collection!

Yep, it's been pretty hot lately and we were all begging for something ice cold, so I thought it would be rather apt for me to tell you about Interface's updated Ice Breaker collection. Originally released with 9 greyscale colours, Interface decided it was time to spice up this icey collection. Now more gorgeous than ever, the Ice Breaker collection boasts 25 gorgeous colours ranging from neutrals and grey shades through to bright shades of purple and green.


Take a look at the collection being showcased in Interface's very own workhub below!


What is the Interface Ice Breaker Collection inspired by?

Well, as you may have guessed from the collection name, the subtle, seemingly random lines of Ice Breaker take inspiration from the cracking and crazing of frozen water. The etched, scratched and scored design creates texture and interest in any space - easily breaking up those large open areas to stop your floor looking boring.


What are the benefits of Interface Ice Breaker?

I'm glad you asked! I know we don't choose flooring just because it looks pretty. It has to be functional and withstand the test of time, right?


This Interface collection is wear class 33, meaning they are commercial grade carpet tiles and they are also suitable for use with castor chairs - we know wheeling yourself around the office on your chair is a must! These tiles come with a fantastic 15-year guarantee so you know you're getting a super durable product that you aren't going to have to change in a year or two. The Ice Breaker carpet tiles are 50cm x 50cm so you will need 4 of these tiles for every 1m2 in your space.


Take a look below at how Interface created a monotone floor using Ice Breaker tiles without it being boring and looking like one big block colour.


What about the environment?

Fear not, my fellow eco warriors! Interface have always got our backs when it comes to being eco-conscious and sustainable. The Ice Breaker collection is made with Interface's very own CQuest™Bio backing. CQuest™Bio is non-vinyl, non-bitumen backing made with a bio-composite, containing bio-based and recycled fillers. These materials, when measured on a standalone basis are net carbon negative. And they didn't stop there. Interface have managed to make the whole carpet tile net carbon neutral!! This means, if you choose these gorgeous tiles for your office or workspace, you will be having absolutely no impact on the environment. Super cool right?


Want to know more? Check out our product video below...