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What is COP26 and why is it so important?🌎

COP stands for the 'Conference of Parties'. For the last three decades members of the UN have come together to discuss climate change. Throughout the three decades that this conference has taken place, global warming has gone from a 'fringe issue' to a global priority. This year marks the 26th conference, hence the name COP26. This year the COP is taking place in Glasglow from October 31st - November 12th. During this time world leaders, negotiators, government representatives, businesses and citizens will aim to come to an agreement on how to tackle climate change. 

We only have one earth and the way we treat it now is vital for the generations that come after us. 

What we're doing to help in the fight🥊

Here at DCTUK we understand the importance in having sustainable, carbon neutral and 100% recyclable products on offer. Lots of the brands that we have the pleasure in working with have flooring products that're great for the envroment! Gerflor & Forbo both have linoleum flooring designs. Linoleum is made from 97% natural materials, molst of which are rapidly renewable and it's carbon neutral! It practically ticks all the enviromentally friendly boxes. We also have Desso carpet tiles which are made cradle-to-cradle, ensuring their carpet tiles are made safely and they're sustainable. On top of this, the Interface products that we have are all carbon neutral! With so many sistainable offers to pick from, there's no excuse to not try to do better for the enviroment. 

We're also holding ourselves accountable for helping to make a postive change on the enviroment and we're doing this by taking part in Desso/Tarkkets Restart scheme. Whenever we do a fitting, the leftover materials are sent to Desso to help product new products made from 100% recycled materials. You can find out more about this in the video below. 


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