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Why is the Desso Essence collection so popular?

Annabelle Harris

Why is the Desso Essence collection so popular?

Looking for premium quality without the premium price tag?

If you’re hunting for top of the notch carpet tiles to transform your commercial space, you’ve come to the right place. All work doesn’t have to mean no play thanks to Desso’s four part Essence collection.

This savvy collection is the best of the best and Desso’s most popular and affordable collection to date. Designed with the commercial sector in mind, your busy environment will be more than equipped than ever to handle any heavy footfall and coffee spillages that will inevitably come its way. 


The building blocks of the collection...

Manufactured using a durable tufted loop pile construction, Desso Essence acts as the building blocks for Essence Stripe, Essence Structure and Essence Maze. All four ranges in the collection feature the same thickness and pile height to ensure a seamless transition and a professional finish.

Desso Essence boats a colour palette of 30 block colourways so you can opt for a bright bold or stay loyal to the classic neutrals. Featuring everything from lavender to orange, all of the colourways are integrated throughout the full Essence collection. So you can use alone to create a striking simple flooring solution or unleash your creative freedom and mix & match to design something that suits your right down to the ground. 


What backing does the Desso Essence collection feature?

All of the ranges feature Desso’s standard ProBase backing which is made with 100% positively defined materials and is 100 recyclable with Desso’s own production process (pretty cool, ey?). However, if you’re feeling all fancy shmancy then why not upgrade yourself to business class with Desso’s optional 100% recyclable EcoBase backing or scream louder for Desso’s SoundMaster acoustic backing

Featuring a linear design with stripes varying in thickness Desso Essence Stripe adds a burst of personality and sense of playfulness into any commercial interior. Boasting a colour palette of 12 refreshing colourways, Essence Stripe is ideal for walkways, feature areas or even zoning to keep your colleagues out of your way (because of Covid, duh?).


Is the Desso Essence collection environmentally friendly?

This ethically sourced range achieves Cradle to Cradle™ bronze, i know it’s not gold but it is still pretty bloomin’ impressive. Way back in the good ol’ days of 2013 Desso set out with the aim to produce environmentally responsible flooring and boy oh boy they have achieved that and more. 

Cradle to Cradle™ is a globally recognised measure of safer, more sustainable products that are made for the circular economy. Basically, it enables manufacturers, such as Desso, to make goods designed for more than one product life-cycle in a non-stop and non-toxic closed loop, replacing the more traditional ‘take, make and waste’ system. In short, you are supporting a great cause by purchasing these carpet tiles and you’ve barely had to lift and finger, or a toe for that matter.

Desso Essence Maze carpet tiles, well, they’re quite simply a-maze-ing. Featuring a distinctive geometric pattern in 12 striking colourways ranging from light to dark, Essence Maze creates a cosmopolitan aesthetic for the modern work space while still remaining sophisticated and stylish. Random installation grants no restrictions on design, you have our permission to unleash the creative beast in you. 


Infinite design opportunities...

Mixing & matching tiles from the collection allows you to create a truly unique design like no other - the possibilities are literally endless. 

Taking a more organic form with it’s stone-washed and worn-out look, Desso Essence Structure is deceptively durable and hard wearing. Featuring an infinite series of fading lines achieved through the juxtaposition of light and dark tones, Structure offers a more gentle and organic finish than its siblings. 


With a super affordable price tag attached to this collection and impressive 10 year guarantee, you can be safe in the knowledge that your new floor will withstand the test of time in any intensive use environment.

Super high quality and oh so trendy, these Desso carpet tiles won’t let you down.

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