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Glorious Grey LVT's For The Home

Annabelle Harris

Glorious Grey LVT's For The Home

Add a touch of grey into your home with these Luxury Vinyl Tiles…

Gone are the days where wooden flooring meant beige and beige only as grey flooring is the new 'must-have' feature in your home. Inviting grey wooden flooring into the home adds a level of style and sophistication thanks to its natural serenity and there is no better way to do so than with some Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

Luxury by name and Luxury by nature, Luxury Vinyl Tiles have been a firm favourite in the home for a long time. These planks replicate the delicate beauty of wood but boast all the added benefits of easy-clean, fire and scratch resistant vinyl without breaking the bank.

Lets check out some of our faves...

LG Sundried Oak

From the boffins over at LG, this Luxury Vinyl Tile is a dream come true and will provide the perfect backdrop for your home. Low on TVOC’s (the nasty everyday pollutants we breathe in daily) and free of six harmful phthalate chemicals, this flooring is a super eco and human-friendly option. This bloomin' gorgeous masterpiece also boasts slip-resistant and easy-clean properties - this lazy-boy is the perfect example of how low maintenance Luxury Vinyl Tile's really can be.

Available in three different plank options, choose from two Decotile (stickdown) planks offering either a 0.3mm or 0.55mm wear layer, or opt for the DecoClick (click) format. Delivered in just 2-3 working days and boasting a 25 year guarantee, add a timeless finish to your home with these babies.


Karndean Storm Oak Basketweave

The Kings of design and the Queens of innovation, Karndean is one of the world’s leading manufacturers when it comes to Luxury Vinyl Tiles and this bad boy is no exception.

Part of their Art Select Wood Collection, Storm Oak Basketweave is sure to bring a touch of unique style into your home. Featuring a combination of traditional planks and key squares, this one of a kind, cool grey LVT is sure to make your flooring the centre of attention.

Coated in K-Guard+, a coating to protect your new from any clumsy children, heavy-handed husbands and everyday scuffs and stains, Storm Oak boasts the look of a natural wooden floor but with all the comfort and warmth underfoot of a luxury vinyl tile. Quieter underfoot than most of your hard-wood flooring alternatives and suitable for use with underfloor heating, it's ticking all of our boxes here at DCTUK.

A lover of the shade but not the busy format? Check out Storm Oak wide plank for a simpler design and parquet for a classic layout.


Luvanto Washed Grey Oak

Subdued and sophisticated, this in-expensive luxury vinyl plank from Luvanto provides the perfect set-up for those looking to achieve a shabby-chic, minimalist, 'barely trying' modern interior.

Boasting all the usual LVT magical wonders and more, Luvanto products are one of the few LVT products on the market to carry a safety floor rating of 36+ on the wet pendulum test so you can be confident that you will stay on your feet should you spill the Chardonnay after a hard day of work. 

Choose from either a stick-down plank or a click plank format. These tiles may look like they might cost you an arm and a leg but with DCTUK’s nifty thrifty discounts you better snap them up whilst you can.


Tarkett Inspiration Contemporary Oak Grey Mini Planks

Oh you can never go wrong with a mini version and here at DCTUK we love a mini version whether it is of Tarkett's LVTs or a mini Colin the caterpillar from M&S. Tough and reliable, these 10cm x 50cm planks help to create a more intricate pattern which is sure to add a great first impression to your interior. 

There is certainly more than meets the eye when it comes to these Luxury Vinyl Tiles, they may look delicate but don’t be fooled. Coated in a TopCleanXP™ for extra protection so you don’t need 'shoes off' to be your greeting of choice when guest step through the door.

Available in stick-down format only, you'll need to pop some adhesive in your basket to secure your masterpiece in place. If your not a fan of the mini plank, check out Contemporary Oak Grey Mini's slightly wider (it happens to the best of us) older brother here.



Forbo Allura Grey Raw Timber

According to Forbo, “Allura has always been made with passion and knowledge and represents the next generation of flooring”. So if you are looking for the next generation of flooring, look no further as you have arrived at your destination.

Featuring a warming and welcoming tone, when laid the subtle tonal colours of Grey Raw Timber shine through to create a fresh and glossy idyllic finish for any home. 

Available in three different options, we'll just go into a lil’ bit more depth with these. First we have Dryback aka stickdown aka pop some adhesive in to your shopping trolley and easy peasy jobs a good’un. Next up we have Click Pro, just what it says on the tin, click and clunk the planks into place and you’re good to go. Finally we have Flex, it’s basically a fancy name for their loose-lay option, although we would suggest using some spray adhesive just to tack them down.


Still stuck on which one to choose? Head on over to DCTUK where you can order up to four samples for FREE?!

P.s. For those of you who don't fancy a spot of DIY we also offer residential fitting of all these products by experienced LVT fitters. Call us on 0345 302 2671 to chat all things fitting or check out our online fitting enquiry form.

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