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Flooring for the newly appointed home office

Annabelle Harris

Flooring for the newly appointed home office

Welcome to the exclusive 'Working From Home' club

Now we have all become fully fledged members of the working from home club, the outbreak of COVID-19 may cause a permanent shift towards this newly adopted working lifestyle. This may come as good or bad news for you, depending on how much you like your colleagues or your housemates for that matter.

Working from home has its many perks and some people would much rather report from the sofa rather than the office. There is no commute time, unlimited snacks available throughout the day and you don’t have to wear trousers. However like anything, it has its downsides too. You miss your colleagues and your morning catch ups and gossips and don’t even get me started on the neighbours - what are they possibly doing to make such a noise?

Although originally some of our home office setups may have been a little questionable, as we look into the new (and not improved) future, a more permanent and designated workspace is needed. Making the family dining table into a makeshift office and banishing everyone from the room between the hours of 9-5 just isn’t going to cut it in the long term.


(nor is your bed)


Creating a space that is functional, comfortable and calming is most definitely needed. This will not only help you stay in the right frame of mind but will also create a clearer separation between your work and home life, helping you to ‘leave the office’ at the end of the day. So just because you’re not working in your 'official' office at the moment doesn’t mean you can't, well, have an office. DCTUK are here to help you along your way and to make sure your swanky new home office has a flooring fit for the job.


Nouveau Urban

Understandably not everybody wants to splash the cash on a home office that may only be used for a couple of months until normal life resumes (fingers & toes crossed). Boasting a budget-friendly price tag, antibacterial and anti-static qualities and no-stress installationUrban is the ideal go to easy fit collection. Despite its low cost price, its durability and quality cannot be faulted. Plus, they'll earn you a few brownie points as these environmentally friendly tiles are ethically-sourced and 100% recyclable.  All these magical features have come together to construct what has become our biggest selling carpet tile so get ‘em in your basket quick.


Interface Boundary Metallics LVT

If you want to create a space that says 'office worker by day but rockstar by night', you need not look any further. Boundary Metallics comes in 6 heavy metal shades and the complex shading of the tile means it is extremely forgiving when it comes to scuffs and bumps. Suitable for use with castor chairs and carrying a 15 year guarantee, if this product hasn’t got you jumping off your seat and doing a serious air guitar then the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle obviously ain’t the one for you!


Tarkett iD Inspiration 55

Tarkett offers a wide selection of flooring guaranteed to add a great first impression to your new humble abode. Inspiration 55 is Tarkett's stick down LVT collection and is available in a huge range of colour choices. Coated in a PUR coating to protect the product, these LVT's are designed to withstand every shock, scratch, stain and noise, so you don't need to be walking (or wheeling) on eggshells around your new floor. Tough and reliable, LVT really is a great cost-effective option and it looks so pretty too right?!


Forbo Tessera Outline

Tufted and looped in nature but perfectly precise in pattern, this polyamide range is a great choice for those of you looking for a floorcovering that is going to deliver on performance and stay looking tip-top for many years to come. Mix and match Tessera Outline with their more minimalist Layout range so you can create a unique design with a perfectly professional finish.


Nouveau Dimension

In another Dimension you may not be turning your kids bedroom into a home office, but hey-ho you gotta do what you gotta do. Polypropylene Stainsafe yarns mean wear and tear doesn't stand a chance, whilst a 4mm pile height and tough bitumen backing means these tiles aren't even half as delicate as they look. An abstract and tonal pattern provides a burst of modern style to add a touch of pizzazz to your office. So you can forget fifty shades of grey because you only need two with this dynamic duo that work perfectly well on their own or as a team. 


Milliken Unexpected Purpose

Life takes many unexpected turns, for example one moment you're in the office and the next you're building your own one at home. Unexpected Purpose is a two part collection consisting of Rewritten and Rendition, using an advance tufting technology to produce this exciting tile, the pattern flows stylishly and effortlessly across the floor. This range is manufactured using renewable sources and drum roll please ... a massive 70% of this tile is recycled content! With a wear classification of Class 33 and a castor chair rating of intensive use, these tiles are perfect to kit out your home office.


Nouveau Apollo

A firm commercial favourite, you’ll feel right back in the office with these bad boys. This solid and durable carpet tile features a tufted loop pile and boasts a thickness of 6mm. Rated A for castor chair use (if you’re lucky enough not to be using your kitchen table chair) and delivered next working dayApollo will get your home office in full swing in no time.


Desso Stitch

Specially crafted to reflect the intricacies of handwoven textiles with a subtle injection of colour, this delicate and vibrant carpet tile adds a drop of sophistication to any environment. It may look dainty but don't be fooled, Desso Stitch it is suitable for castor chair use and busy commercial spaces and it boasts an impact sound reduction of 25dB. A win-win situation, a gorgeous tile and some peace and quiet - finally.


Interface Works Collection

Bold, daring and stylish, the Works Collection by Interface is the complete package. Inspired by nature and the world surrounding us, these seven coordinated designs can all work seamlessly together to create unique and trendy layouts. The Works collection is super affordable in price, whilst also boasting 47.3% recycled content (doing your bit for the environment, nice), castor chair suitable (perfect for swivelling), Class 33 commercial contract floor rating (suitable for a wide range of commercial environments) and a 15 year guarantee!


Head on over to to shop until you drop or give our friendly sales team a call on 0345 222 1541 who will be happy to advise you on the best flooring suitable for your needs.