Show spillages who's boss with StainSafe

Annabelle Harris

Show spillages who's boss with StainSafe

As with most things in this crazy thing we called life, the best way to avoid any little accidents is prevention. Sure, these things happen and we have to embrace them but there are some unnecessary nuisances that can be easily dodged by taking the right precautionary measures. Don’t worry, I’m not here to give another life lesson about the birds and the bees - I imagine most of you are suitably streetwise in this area by now so you can uncurl your toes now. I’m here to tell you all about StainSafe© and how you can take advantage of the plethora of benefits that come hand-in-hand with this innovative invention to enhance and extend the lifespan of your new floor.

The brainpower of Balta

Conceived, nurtured and brought into the world by those clever so-and-so’s over at Balta Group (only the leading carpet manufacturer in Europe), StainSafe© enables us to offer you stain-proof, bleach cleanable and easy-to-clean carpet tiles at a competitive cost. Balta are experts in the field of high performance, low maintenance flooring solutions and use their extensive knowledge to continually develop the raw materials they use and StainSafe© is certainly no exception. Marrying “remarkable softness with superior wear characteristics”, it comes as no surprise that StainSafe© products are some of our most popular.

Say no to stains

StainSafe© is actually only available for 100% polypropylene carpet tiles but that only means that they are super durable, incredibly hardwearing and impressively long-lasting so what’s not to love, right? StainSafe© products provide complete protection against stains (duh) and the fibres don’t absorb any moisture whatsoever so any stubborn spillages or whoops-a-daisy moments that might have previously posed a big problem become no biggie at all. If you do fancy giving them a bit of extra TLC, you’ll be glad to know that StainSafe© carpet is suitable for use with bleach but those who know do recommend diluting by 10% to ensure ultimate appearance and quality retention.


Whether you're a commercial contractor looking for a super low maintenance flooring solution, or a stressed out parent looking for a way to cleverly conceal a multitude of spillages and stains, you can consider StainSafe© your new BFF. When choosing StainSafe© products, you are also covered by a 10-20 year warranty (depending on the product itself) so you can be safe in the knowledge that you can keep on reaping these rewards for many years to come. So now it’s time to start shopping our StainSafe© collection…

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