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How happy is your Hygge?


How happy is your Hygge?

Hygge - pronounced hue-gah (a bit like Heuga in fact!) - is another one of those viral phenomenons that the whole world is going gaga for right now.

With more class than the mannequin challenge and a whole lot less dangerous than the planking sensation, going all 'hygge' is basically a worldwide voyage towards wholesome happiness and I'm definitely behind that.

Let me explain some more...

So it turns out the Danish aren't just good for delicious pastries oozing with apple and custard. Turns out they're pretty in touch with our spiritual sides too because this is where the beautiful word and equally beautiful concept first originated.

Hygge is all about appreciating all of the little things in life and letting a thing or moment, no matter how small or simple, give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside that gets you through the day.

With the spectrum of stuff 'n' nonsense modern technology makes available to us these days, it can be easy to lose sight of how much good a coffee catch up with an old friend or a snuggle on the couch your trusty pooch can do for the soul. Now it's time to bring that back.

Friends enjoying coffee

Finding your hygge happy place at home

The Danes have transformed personal happiness and daily routine into an art form. From replenishing your fresh flowers every weekend to polishing the trims on your tyres until they look brand new, hygge is all about making the mundane magical.

The whole point is that it becomes very personal to you and what makes you smile but one sure fire way to make the ordinary extraordinary is by giving your home or workspace a little bit of TLC whenever you can. Whether it's a floor to ceiling overhaul or just lighting your favourite candle on the fireplace, nurturing your nest will always up that content, cosy factor.

With our more-than-affordable price tags, your floor can be the perfect place to start but when doing so, be sure to consider colour and texture. Think about how the look and touch of what you surround yourself with is going to make you feel.

Luxury LG Decoclick vinyl flooring tiles

Something like Nouveau Cosy Toes carpet tiles would give you that plush, warm, marshmallow feeling underfoot for example, while LG vinyl would brighten up the gaff and help to combat those moody blues when it's dark and drizzly outside.

You don't need me to tell you that life can be a bit of a bleep at times so go on, have a peruse through our collections and allow yourself that extra digestive to dunk while you're browsing because well, life's too short not to.