2020 Interior Design Trends

Annabelle Harris

2020 Interior Design Trends

What's 'in' currently and what must go?

During the winter the state of our bedroom & lounge are the least of our worries. We love to snuggle up in our cosy PJ’s under our unstylish shade of ‘when was this last washed?’ duvet. But boy oh boy, how that all changes when the sun comes out to play - our houses must now look like they belong in a column of Good Housekeeping. 

Although the last few days of torrential rain may leave us feeling as if summer did a quick drive-by and has already been and gone (2020’s next trick), we’ve certainly got a good few months of late night BBQ’s up our sleeves.

Gone is grey on grey on grey and the ice cream coloured walls that dominated the previous year, some trends have chosen to stick around from 2019. Although judging by 2020’s first 6 months they may be wishing they stayed back in the safety of 2019 (or even back in 2016 for that matter).

Here are some of the interior trends you need to stay on top of this season to get your home looking like a Pinterest pin.


Abstract Energy

With bold geometrics, hand-drawn sketches and blocks of colour, this trend is all about injecting a splash of personality into our homes. Fun and free-spirited, this trend aims to create mood and emotion with the use of bold and block patterns and punchy colours. 

A playful approach to styling, this trend also draws upon the imperfect and fluidity of hand drawn forms. Line-drawing plays a key focus in this trend and is hugely popular at the moment, whether it be tattoos or wall art, it's a big deal.

This trend allows you to be brave with your colour choices causing you to create combinations that would have previously caused you to question your sanity in the past. For example - a burnished red with a deep navy. The key to this trend is that there aren’t any rules, it's without limits baby.

Recommended flooring: Forbo Tessera Teviot


The return of Beige

(If it helps, I've heard rumours of people calling it the return of 'oatmeal' to make it a tad more acceptable for any beige-phobics suffering out there)

Whilst the idea of flooding your home with beige a couple of years ago may have completely repulsed you, it's now all the rage. Beige is the new grey some are even beginning to say.

We are beginning to shift away from the cooler greys that have been filling our homes for the past decade and it’s being replaced with warmer based neutral tones, such as oatmeal and natural buff. These neutral tones bring a sense of warmth to create a calm yet uplifting space. Nothing says relaxing more than the colour of your morning porridge splattered across the room.

Well if beige can wiggle its way back in to become socially acceptable, then what next? 2020 really does have some shockers up its sleeve.

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Eco friendly and sustainable spaces

Over the past however many years humans have made a pledge to become more sustainable and eco-friendly and without the release of Wall-e in 2008 we might not have even come this far. Com’on, you’re telling me Wall-e didn’t put an environmentally friendly spring in your step?

As we gravitate towards these more eco-friendly lifestyles, sustainability in the home and what we choose to put in them has become increasingly important. More than ever before people are becoming more eco-conscious and investing more thoughtfully in products that are made from sustainable sources that will last in the long run. It’s something we’ve noticed too over the past few years, big brands such as Interface, Desso and Modulyss are incorporating sustainable and recycled materials into their products.

Whether you are doing it to jump on the bandwagon or because you genuinely care about the environment, you’re doing a great job & we’re proud of you.

Back in November we were kindly invited by Interface to a lunch and learn session with Innovation Partner Jon Khoo - read HERE about what Jon Khoo had to say about sustainability.


Eclectic Glamour

A slight year 11 to year 12 glow up on last years refined glamour trend, this years glamour seems to have found itself some heavy eyeliner and velour to incorporate in its style. Bold, confident and sassy (wow, it really is sounding like a year 12 girl), glamour in 2020 is really taking it up a notch.

Channelling the sophisticated elegance of the thirties with a little sexy seventies style thrown into the mix, royal blues mixed in with warmer tones and topped with a layer of bling are the core ingredients needed to create this look. Top it off with a bit of velvet (not the crushed velvet you’ll find in Gemma Collins house - we’re talking about sophistication here) and voila, electric & glamorous. You can tick both of those off your 'interior goals' checklist.

P.s. Modulyss Velvet& is your go-to beauty guru girl to complete this look.


Botanical Design

Plants on plants on plants, will this ever not be a trend? Year after year and season after season it somehow sneaks its way onto the list with a few little tweaks acting as its disguise. 

This tropical trend has evolved ever so slightly since its last spell to include more grounded earthy tones to continue bringing the outside inside. Mixing jungle vibes with natural material and textures, this is one of the biggest interior trends of the past couple of years and well into 2020 and beyond.

Top tip: if you don’t want your bedroom to smell like you’re sleeping in a greenhouse (completely understandable) or would describe yourself rather as an irresponsible plant parent, pop to Ikea and purchase the fake ones to save the hassle of secretly binning and replacing dead and crispy plants every weekend.

Take a look and see how we introduced Biophilic design into our offices last year.