SS19 Interior Trends


SS19 Interior Trends

Sustainability has quickly became the overall theme in 2019, with interior design being no exception. Consumers are wanting designs that are sustainable, classic and long lasting, rather than just following a trend and getting bored of it months later. Of course there are some stunning colour combinations and textures to embrace as well as sustainability. So, if you want your home to look like a post you'd pin to your Pinterest inspo board, take a look at 4 of the major trends this summer 2019.

Scandi Style with Texture

The peaceful Scandi style is an understated design but has a big impact. Soft, neutral textures with a hint of 70’s elements have made their way into this design. Geometric prints and earthy colour palette creates a stylish, inviting space.

Key colours: Beiges, Neutral, Earthy Tones

Recommended flooring: LG Bleached Pine


We’re going green in 2019. Suitable for all seasons, this leafy design will make your home feeling fresh all year round. If you’re not a fan of the bold print designs, opt for buying plants as a way of introducing nature into your home. If you’re a responsible adult you can buy some real plants but if you’re like me (a bad plant mum) go buy the fake ones to save the hassle of throwing dead, crispy plants away every weekend.

Key colours: Greens, Yellows, Neutrals

Recommended flooring: LG Burl

Refined Glam

The glitz and sparkle that came with the glam interior has been refined in 2019. It’s more sophisticated and muted but still has a luxurious feel to it. The glitter has been replaced with smoked glass, marble surfaces and brass finishing. The key colours to create this refined look are mauve, dusky pinks, silvers and light greys. Pair these colours with materials like velvet and marbles to complete with refined glamour interior design.

Milliken’s Comfortable Concrete 2.0 Urban Poetry is the perfect carpet tile to make into a feature rug for refined glam.

Key features: Dusky Pinks, velvet, marble

Recommended flooring: Milliken Comfortable Concrete 2.0 Urban Poetry


Change up your home interior to something more bold and dramatic with the global essence trend. This look is inspired by global patterns. It’s a fusion of block prints, rich tones, handcrafted home ware products and rugged textures. Have your kids handmade you something and want you to display it? Go right ahead and hang it up on your wall because it will blend right into this interior design.

Key colours: Terracotta,coral, bright bold colours

Recommended flooring: Nouveau Cosy Toes II for bedroom

LVT: Polyflor Camero White Limed Oak


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