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2 Life-Proof Carpet Tiles if You Got Kids & Pets

Xhesika Tufa

Spend your time and money wisely! If you have children and/or pets, you’re probably wondering which are the best solutions to designing a safe home.

As you know, children need a dedicated space for their toys and entertainment. Also, pets are joyfully playing around all the time or can even scratch everything they touch.

While you might secure your home with non-climbable furniture, keep stairs surrounded by indoor fences, and keep most rooms locked, you need to pay huge attention to dry and thick flooring.

Here comes the question: Why do you need to be very attentive when picking the carpet tiles?

  • A premium thickness helps avoid getting hurt when falling or dropping something. Also, if your children want to sneak out to the fridge to get that bottle of milk - let them. You won’t hear them anyway.
  • Unique comfort. Let your children play around safely. 
  • Avoid overheating or cooling. Did you know that many dogs and cats don’t support a few temperatures? According to onehourheatandair.com, most dogs (and cats!) do very well with the home UP TO 25.5 degrees Celsius during the summer months?
  • Get creative! A good combination of various carpet tiles will boost your kids' imagination. 

And, of course, we have the solution for you. In fact, we have two!



Forbo Surestep Digital Print Sheet Vinyl


  • Fun and quirky design
  • Wet pendulum test rating of 36+
  • Perfect for schools, nurseries, and all aspects of education

Luvanto Endure Pro


  • Suitable for heavy domestic and commercial use
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Tough 0.7mm wear layer
  • Impact noise rating of 22dB
  • Built-in underlay
  • Rated as safety flooring (36+ wet pendulum test)
  • 20 Years Commercial Guarantee

Our fitting team will ensure a professional finish within a record time. 

That is why we started this writing with: Spend your time and money wisely!

We offer our bespoke installation service for homes and workplaces and call upon our team of expert fitters to make sure you achieve that professional finish every time.

Using our unique project planning system we ensure that when it comes to fitting, you are kept in the loop at every stage of the process and the goods arrive on site on time, every time. We also fit outside of standard hours, for example weekends, evenings, and bank holidays.

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