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Is interior design important for learning environments?


Is interior design important for learning environments?

Think back to when you were at school (sorry for making you feel old), can you remember what the classroom environment was like? I remember it being too cold, too cramped and too NOISY.

If someone above dropped a book on the floor, you could hear it. If the classroom below were taking part in group activity sessions, you could hear every word of their conversations. If the class next door were let out to lunch 2 minutes early, it was like the wild animal stampede scene in Jumanji. And if you had a class next door to a student practising drums in the music room, there was no chance you were learning anything that hour. If you can’t tell, my school was built in the 60’s were designing the school with students well-being in mind was unheard of.

Flash forward to university, the learning environment was much better. You couldn’t hear what was going on above, below or outside the classrooms. The rooms where bright, clean and a nice environment to learn in. The quiet zone floor in the library is what got me through studying, whereas my friends liked the other floors because they needed some background noise in order to concentrate. Everybody learns in different ways so it’s important to create those atmospheres.

So how can you create the best learning environment?

Sound absorbing flooring

This is an absolute must. You don’t have to fully soundproof each classroom but having sound absorbing flooring makes a huge difference on students concentration levels. Desso Stratos, Nouveau Trio and Nouveau Carnival are great carpet tiles for sound absorption. Modulyss Pure Air 100 is perfect for school environments not only for it’s sound absorbing qualities but its ability to purify the air, so it minimises the chances of coughs and colds spreading throughout.



Like I said earlier, everyone learns in different ways, so you have to create spaces for this. Creating different zones in the library is not only aesthetically pleasing, but helpful. This can simply be done through the use of carpet tiles and furniture.


Bringing the outside in

Probably the most talked about subject of 2019 in the interior design world, Biophilia. If you’re not sure what it is, you can read this previous blog post, it will give you an idea of what it is and how to implement it into your space. Biophilia is known to boost productivity and inspire us which are important factors to consider when creating the perfect learning environment.

Combine all these tips together, and you've created a quiet, relaxing learning environment that benefits not only students, but teachers too.

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