NEW PODCAST: Rachel talks all things Interface

Naomi Kenny

NEW PODCAST: Rachel talks all things Interface

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year and has more downs than ups BUT it is the year we started our podcast channel DCTUK LIVE! We invite guests on like industry experts, business owners and entrupenuers to talk to us about what they do and why they do it, and we have a bit of fun along the way. 

In this week's podcast Rachel from Interface drops by to discuss sustainability and introduce us to the brand new NY+LON Streets Collection - how exciting?!

Georgia kicked off the podcast with some fun Lancashire based questions which I had absolutely no idea what the answers were so I'm so glad it wasn't me in the hot seat😂😅 Then dove straight into what Rachel does and what Interface stand for as a brand.

"We make and manufacture carpet tile but ultimately, we sell design"

Interface are really design focused and try to be on trend with whatever they do which really shows through in their latest carpet tile collection NY+LON Streets. It's a little different than what you'd usually see from them in terms of their global carpet tile collections - it's a lot more urban inspired.

As you've probably guessed by the name of the collection (which I LOVE), it's taken inspiration from two iconic cities, New York and London. It features 6 different styles which are all inspired by different streets in the two cities and have replicated the patterns and textures.

The blush pallete is a favourite.

The blush pallete is so on trend for Autumn/Winter 2020 going into 2021 in terms of interior design - and is also my favourite if I had to choose. Rachel also mentioned there's some new green tones they have in this collection which is new for Interface. There's some beautiful emerald green tones that Interface thinks will be a hit next year.


So which customers go for NY+LON Streets?

A lot of commercial settings like offices are loving it at the moment purely because of the colour pallete, but Interface have also been seeing a lot of customers using NY+LON Streets in a rug setting along side an LVT flooring, which looks fab in residential and hospitality spaces!

"We're keeping sustainability at the heart of everything we do"

Apart from the amazing design and quality of NY+LON Streets, it's selling point is the brand new backing innovations. The backing is called CQUEST BIO which is made from bio based materials. NY+LON Streets is only collection to have this backing at the moment but not for long! 

CQUEST BIO backing is net carbon negative, so when you install this flooring into your space you are lowering the carbon footprint of that product and of the entire installation. PLUS these carpet tiles have a lot more recycled content which is a big win for the environment🙌

The whole collection of NY+LON Streets is available to buy at DCTUK and you can go watch the full podcast video down below.👇Don't forget to show some love and like/subscribe!


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