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Christina Angus

Who are Gerflor?

Meet Gerflor - the global superstar of flooring solutions that's been crushing the game since 1937 in France. 🤩 From humble beginnings, Gerflor has risen to become an international sensation in the world of flooring 🌍, specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of vinyl flooring that's perfect for your home 🏠 or business 🏢. They've got the goods to make your floors go from drab to fab in no time flat! ✨ So say "au revoir" to boring old floors and "bonjour" to Gerflor! 👋

Gerflor is the multi-talented group! From architecture to decoration, sport to technospecfic (whatever that means 🤷), Gerflor is all about sustainability ♻️, innovation, and most importantly, making their customers happy. 😊 They've got a range of high-quality products that cater to every market and application under the sun, and they're ready to bring the heat to your floors.🔥 So don't be left in the dust - join the Gerflor party and get ready to rock your floors like never before! 🤘

So if you're looking to add some style to your floors with their top-notch vinyl, Gerflor has got you covered. 😉 Don't miss out on the flooring fun - check out our Gerflor workspaceresidential and vinyl tiles section! 

How does Gerflor GTI Max Connect flooring make installation quick and easy?

Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated flooring installations and hello to the GTI Max Connect vinyl tiles! 👋 With its slick dovetail joints, it's like playing a giant puzzle set 🧩 - except instead of a picture, you end up with a stunning new floor. 🤩 No special tools or adhesives needed, just snap those vinyl tiles together and you're good to go! And the best part? You won't have to close up shop for days on end - this lightning-fast installation process ⚡ is perfect for large spaces and any surface like concrete, tiles and resin (except for carpet and wood). The only thing faster than the installation? The time it takes for you to fall in love with your new floor. 😉

How durable are Gerflor GTI Max Connect tiles?

Prepare to be floored by the GTI Max Connect - the vinyl flooring that's tougher than Chuck Norris in a steel cage match! 😉 Made from only the highest-quality vinyl, this vinyl tile is designed to withstand everything from heavy foot traffic to scratches and stains. 💪 Plus, it's got a 2mm wear layer that's tough enough to take on the world 🌍 - or at least heavy foot traffic!👣

With PUR+ surface treatment (Polyurethane Reinforcement - if you really wanted to know what it stood for) it'll enhance the durability and performance of the vinyl tile. ✅ It's basically a protective layer🛡that's applied to the surface of the vinyl tiles that increases its resistance to scratches, scuffs and stains.💪 This makes your flooring so much easier to clean and maintain 🧽, which is especially important in high foot traffic areas - such as commercial spaces, public spaces and more. 

Photo: Gerflor GTI Max Connect Interlocking Vinyl Tiles - Bora

Where can Gerflor GTI Max Connect flooring be used, and why is it versatile?

GTI Max Connect is the chameleon of flooring!🦎With a rainbow of colours and patterns available, it's got something for everything!🌈Need something sleek for your retail space? GTI Max has got you!👌Want to brighten up your classroom? GTI Max can make it happen.🌞 And the best part is that GTI Max Connect can be installed over your existing floors (apart from carpet and wood❎), so you won't have to worry about long waits. It's no wonder this flooring is a favourite of retail shops, transport terminals, schools, and factories - it's strong enough to handle the weight of a forklift truck!💪 Plus, with its 2mm wear layer, it can take a beating from even the heaviest foot traffic.👣 And the cherry on top?🍒It's quick to install, so you won't have to suffer any business closures.🕜 So, whether you're outfitting your home, office, or secret lair, GTI Max Connect is the flooring that'll sort you out!😉

Photo: Gerflor GTI Max Connect Interlocking Vinyl Tiles - Titanium

What kind of maintenance does Gerflor GTI Max Connect flooring require?

Want to keep your floors looking sharp? 😎 Well, fret not because Gerflor GTI Max Connect vinyl tiles are here to save the day!🦸Despite being easy to remove and replace, if you're still curious about how to keep your floors shining like a disco ball, don't worry🪩- we've got you covered! Let's boogie on down and break it down step by step.🕺

Here are some tips and recommedations for general cleaning:

  1. When it comes to keeping your tiles spick and span, you wanna make sure you're using a cleaner that won't leave 'em damaged. So, avoid any acidic and alkaline cleaners and stick with a neutral cleaner that won't wreak havoc on your tiles' surface.🧽

  2. If you want to keep your tiles looking fab, you gotta be gentle with 'em. So, step away from the steel wool and scrub pads because those bad boys can leave some unsightly scratches on your tiles' surface! Stick with gentle materials that'll leave your tiles sparkling without a scratch in sight.✨ 

  3. You're so close to having tiles that shine like the sun, but there's one more step to go. After you've cleaned your tiles to perfection, make sure you give 'em a good rinse with water to wash away any pesky residue that might be left behind.💦 Trust us, your tiles will be so grateful for the refreshing shower that they'll reward you with a brilliant shine that'll light up your entire room!

We know lists are boring, so to sum it all up just remember to use gentle cleaning methods to avoid damaging the vinyl tiles. Here are some tips on how to maintain your vinyl tile floors to prevent damage and also keep it looking brand new✨: 

  • If you wanna avoid leaving scratch marks on your fabulous tiles, just stick some felt pads under your furniture legs. It's a quick and easy solution that'll let you slide your furniture around without leaving any marks behind.👍
  • Try to avoid any heavy foot traffic on your new tiles for at least 48 hours. That'll give the adhesive plenty of time to set and your tiles will be rock-solid and ready for action! Plus, you'll get to do a victory dance on your brand new tiles once they're good and set.⌚
  • To keep your tiles looking sharp, you gotta give 'em some love on the reg.💖 So, make sure you're cleaning your tiles regularly to keep 'em sparkling and free of dirt and debris buildup. It's a small task that'll make a big impact on your tile's appearance - and who doesn't love a little sparkle and shine?
  • Steer clear of harsh chemicals like solvents and acids, extreme temps, and too much moisture.❎ It's a simple way to keep your tiles looking fabulous for years to come!

Photo: Gerflor GTI Max Connect Interlocking Vinyl TilesMaestrale

How is Gerflor GTI Max Connect flooring manufactured sustainably?

Want to know why Gerflor GTI Max Connect flooring vinyl tiles are considered a sustainable choice?♻️

It's because they're made with eco-friendly materials, including a 100% recycled interlayer♻️ and a 100% recycled backing layer♻️. Gerflor GTI Max Connect vinyl tiles are also made up of 80% recycled materials, making them a smart choice for those who care about the environment.🌍 What's more, these vinyl tiles are 100% recyclable 🤯, so you can rest easy knowing that when it's time for a change, they won't end up in a landfill.👍 Choose Gerflor GTI Max Connect flooring vinyls for a stylish and sustainable flooring solution!✨


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