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Let's talk about Nouveau Connections carpet tiles


Let's talk about Nouveau Connections carpet tiles

On the increasingly cosmopolitan planet we live on, there are so many multicultural cuisines to sample that we can sometimes overlook the humble home comforts that never ever fail to satisfy. That's exactly how we feel about our exclusive and uber popular Nouveau Connections carpet tiles.

It recently crossed my mind that we fill our blog so regularly with releases of fancy shmancy new flooring products and cutting edge design (and don't get me wrong, we love 'em) but then I realised something... We've never told you the story of the longstanding DCTUK best seller; the cream of the crop, the ultimate commercial go-to so without further ado, let's talk about Connections. 

The low cost commercial carpet tile

At a teeny tiny £1.79 per tile, Nouveau Connections is our lowest price carpet tile making it the perfect way to transform any commercial office, public space, hotel, school or retail area on a shoestring budget. In fact, there aren't really many places Connections hasn't...well, connected with.

Installed in international airports, prestigious Fleet Street offices and national retailers up and down the country this tile has fast become the must-have flooring solution for small brands and high-profile customers alike. We even fitted 1,800m2 worth of Connections tiles in the incredible Concorde Hangar at Manchester Airport!

So why do our customers and their customers love Nouveau Connections so much?

Hopscotch made out of coloured carpet tiles
Carpet tile samples turned into a mug coaster

A firm industry favourite

Whether you're looking for carpet tiles for offices, carpet tiles for corridors, carpet tiles for schools or even carpet tiles for stairs, you can be sure this versatile piece of 100% Polypropylene genius will have your back. Similar to more expensive tiles such as Heuga Saturn but without the hefty price tag, Connections offers fire resistance, anti static and suitability for use with castor chairs without ever breaking the bank.

Not only that, Nouveau Connections is also made using StainSafe yarns which means the carpet tiles are super easy to maintain and 100% bleach cleanable. The fibres in StainSafe carpet tiles don't absorb any moisture so Connections is great for areas where spillages are likely such as kitchens, classrooms, corridors and breakout areas.

Dog running on carpet with muddy paw prints
Baby talking first steps on shag pile carpet

With 10 core commercial colours on offer, feel free to mix and match or go for a full wall-to-wall covering. Smoke Grey and Sea Blue are always top-sellers but our customers are pretty fond of Straw and Crimson too. Whichever of the timeless colourways you do go for, you'll be covered by a trusty 5 year guarantee and our very own 365 Returns Policy so now it's time for you to see what all the fuss is about...

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