Safety Vinyl or Luxury Vinyl Tiles? You decide!


Safety Vinyl or Luxury Vinyl Tiles? You decide!

Here at DCT, we're proud to boast the widest choice of carpet tiles in the UK and our collection of vinyl flooring is hot on it's heels. In fact, just this week we added another four ranges to our growing repertoire: Altro Wood Safety, Altro Pisces, Altro Aquarius and Altro Marine 20.

With sooooo much on offer, it can be hard to wrap your head around what's what, which is why I'm here to break things down a bit for you. You might have noticed that we have a Safety Vinyl menu and a little something called LVT but are you sure you know enough about the differences between the two? Allow me...

The sanctuary of Safety Vinyl

I use the word sanctuary because that's exactly what safety vinyl flooring products aim to provide - ultimate safety and security for all who cross is (usually) highly textured path.

Safety vinyl has been designed specifically to provide a slip-proof surface in environments where banana-skin moments and wetness are an inevitability such as swimming pools, changing areas and public showers. Interiors like this are subject to copious amounts of splashing and barefoot behaviour so the floor underneath needs to help reduce the risk of any unnecessary whoopsies.

Safety vinyl products usually include shards of quartz, teeny tiny micro beads or a textured surface which looks great but also secure its unique slip resistant properties. This makes it the ideal choice for spas, hotels, hospitals, care homes and leisure centres, just to name a few. It's also great for residential bathrooms and wet rooms too!

The Slip Resistance Value (SRV) and R rating of a safety floor is established using the Pendulum Test which scrutinises the friction the product provides under dry and wet pressure. Clever, huh?

Shop our collection of Polyflor and Altro safety vinyl.

Next level Luxury Vinyl aesthetics

The main difference between Luxury Vinyl Tiles (or luxury vinyl) is that smooth LVT doesn't offer any slip-resistant safety attributes and is therefore suited much more perfectly to residential areas, retail outlets and hospitality environments where appearances are higher on the priority list than the risk of slippage.

Luxury vinyl flooring solutions are designed to mimic the visual effect of natural materials like wood and stone, while simultaneously eliminating the trials and tribulations that come with maintaining traditional hard floors.

Wood can warp and stone will crack but our collection of robust and realistic vinyl alternatives will stay looking as good as new while still delivering the same classic aesthetic.

Shop the full collection of luxury vinyl for commercial and residential interiors over on the homepage by clicking Vinyl in the main menu - oh and don't forget your vinyl adhesives!