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Shapes are stealing the spotlight at Forbo


Shapes are stealing the spotlight at Forbo

Earlier this month I told you all about how geometric pattern and optical illusion are whipping up a storm in the interior design industry. As if by magic, we drop two new ranges from our friends at Forbo just a few weeks later which put angular shapes and modern construction at the very heart of their concepts.

Okay so it ain't magic, it isn't even coincidence. We know exactly what we're doing and its all in the name of keeping you one step ahead of the trends so let's take a closer look at Tessera Contour and it's partner in design, Tessera Diffusion.

Tessera Contour

Heavily influenced by the geometric shapes and repeated patterns in modern building design, Tessera Contour carpet tiles are the perfect way to celebrate natural and human elements in both large and small spaces through tonal colour. So whether you've got a great big commercial office on your hands or a tiny little retail space off the beaten track, this carpet tile is a real crowd pleaser. It finds the beauty in rust and the elegance in concrete.

As well as looking great, these cutting edge carpet tiles are also pretty intriguing to the touch too. A combination of multi-height loops and a cut pile overlay makes this a touchy feely tactile dream come true, which makes perfect sense because innovative texture is set to be big this year. Contour is ticking all the boxes.

Forbo Tessera Contour
Meridian, Burst, Eclipse and Lunar

Tessera Diffusion

While Contour takes its inspiration from modern cutting-edge urban landscapes, Diffusion takes a much softer organic approach with it's faded geometric surface pattern. With a choice of 19 versatile colourways from muted neutrals to more vibrant hues, this one caters for almost any creative brief.

Made using 100% polyamide, Diffusion is always going to be a tough cookie that is well up to the challenge of high footfall and heavy contract use but there's more to it than just first-class performance properties. Multi-height loops mean this range of fire resistant carpet tiles also boasts a cool tactile texture that feels just as interesting as it looks. Get yourself a free sample and see what I mean.

Forbo Tessera Diffusion
Classic Cloud, Lava Core, Rising Ash, Painted Bark

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