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Sussing Your Surroundings

When it comes to finding the right flooring products for your project requirements, it’s all about assessing the surrounding interior first and generating a list of qualities your chosen carpet tile will need to possess. It’s just like finding the right pair of shoes to suit any given occasion really. You (probably) wouldn’t wear roller skates or muddy dog-walking wellies to a job interview would you, but you might go for a perfectly suitable pair of polished brogues instead. Aesthetics and functionality are largely dictated by situations and environments, whether it’s shoes or carpet tiles, so we’re here to point you in the right selection direction.

If you’re kicking back in a truly rustic abode full of heritage decor, classic woodwork and exposed brick walls, you’re going to love something like Desso Frisk or Modulyss On-line for their plush pile constructions and warm colour options, while a clean-cut and simply smooth tile from the Burmatex Cordiale range would be the perfect contender for a more contemporary and minimalist interior. Oh and remember - it’s not all about looks!

Modulyss On-Line02

As easy on the eye as it is strong, resilient and enduring, this stylish collection gives 007 a run for his money.

Desso Frisk

Where interior design gets frisky with an eclectic colour palette and a dynamic combination of multi-directional lines.
You’re also going to need to consider the level of use any space is going to experience and keep this in mind when making any design decisions. For example, heavy contract commercial spaces like offices and large meeting rooms are going to need a hardwearing carpet tile that can withstand daily wear and tear, something like Nouveau Connections maybe.

Hopefully you’re feeling a little bit more inspired right about now but believe us, there’s plenty more where that came from so we advise heading straight over to our handy Sussing Your Surroundings guide for more hints and tips on the best products for various interior locations.

Free downloadable guide coming soon

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