The Interview: Andrew Sibley


The Interview: Andrew Sibley

Each month I'm on a mission to interview one of the movers and shakers in the carpet tile industry to get their thoughts on trends, products and industry buzz as well as find out a bit more about them. This month we interview Andrew Sibley from Belgium-based carpet tile manufacturer, modulyss.

Firstly Andrew, what's your job title and can you tell us what your role encompasses at modulyss?

I am the UK and Ireland Sales Director for modulyss responsible for modular and broadloom sales.

How did you get into this industry?

More by default after becoming disillusioned by Commercial Banking I saw a textile opportunity within Firth Carpets and thought time for a change. So the rest is history and I still have a soft spot for the town and people of Firth.

We've come a long way from the days of bland, grey carpet tiles to today with an endless choice of colours, patterns, shapes and textures. Which products currently excite you, and what do you predict for the future of modular flooring?

We’re responding to the growing importance of wellbeing and how we can produce healthier and more sustainable products. It will even become more important in the future that design and functionality are being combined. We already took a first step in the UK by doing CPD presentations around wellbeing, but we’ll also be integrating this into our new collections.

The acceptance of carpet tiles within the hospitality sector is growing. To meet their specific demands, new designs are being created that focus on comfort and a luxurious feel. Also in the office sector the spaces have evolved from an austere place of business into an open space where people come together and motivate and inspire each other. We, therefore, believe that the mixing & matching of different colours, textures and sizes will further develop. The modern open office space, for example, can be divided into different areas by using different colours and textures.

Some of our products and designs that are inspired by these trends include the Velvet& Collection, the Handcraft Collection representing the macro-trend of welcoming nature inside the workplace (biophilic design), and the mixed metallics trend for our upcoming collection, which will be presented during Clerkenwell Design Week in London.

modulyss Velvet&

modulyss are at the forefront of some of these changes to the industry. What can you tell us about the vision and ethos of the company, and how does this reflect in the products it provides to the marketplace?

modulyss used to be an underdog, but has become a challenger to the established giants. This reflects in the evolution from our products from quite classic uni tiles to bold patterns and designs. One of our strengths is that our products can be mixed and matched endlessly. modulyss is a part of the Balta Group, one of Europe’s largest carpet manufacturers. Because of the synergy within the Balta Group we have the opportunity to use new technologies. For our Motion /// Vision collection, for example, we created our own yarns and colour palette. And for Pixel, Patchwork and Pattern we used a special printing technology from one of the other divisions.

Can you tell us about any new collections recently launched or soon to be launched that we should be keeping an eye out for?

Firstly, our Velvet& collection, which we launched in January, is inspired by the velvet trend. It’s unique thanks to its tip-sheared texture that creates a 3D-effect and a velvet look. It combines rich colours with a luxurious velours feel. We'll also be launching a new collection at Clerkenwell Design Week in May. It’s comprised of 5 new products that respond to the mixed metallics trend. Although they’re different from each other on their own, they share a unifying gloss accent and colour range.

In your opinion is there a difference between the products that the UK marketplace is demanding and that of our European neighbours? Or do design trends carry across national borders?

Trends are international and our products work well globally, but in the UK people dare to be creative (mixing & matching a lot and using / combining different shapes).

Plenty of people talking about biophilic design right now. Is this a clever marketing ploy or a practical and beneficial idea to improve interior offices?

Biophilic design is more than just design, and that’s what makes it beneficial to any living or working space. When you take a look at the bigger picture, biophilia stresses the importance of wellbeing, and that’s very important for any human being.

modulyss Leaf and modulyss Moss

Thanks Andrew for taking part in our interview, finally some quick fire questions!

Chinese or Indian food? Indian hotter the better!

Football or rugby? Football, rugby is an odd shaped ball, in fact its not really a ball is it?

Beach holiday or city break? City break is far more appealing and interesting, I would just get bored on a beach.

Carpet tiles or carpet planks? Carpet Tiles

Minimalist or purposeful? Minimalist

London or New York? London

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