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Biophilia at home and in the workplace

Biophilia in the workplace might sound like something you'd get a disciplinary and possibly your marching orders for but it's actually something us and the world's most famous space agency are encouraging.

Described beautifully as "an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world" by biologist E. O. Wilson, Biophilia has become a popular interior design theme of late and with all of it's physical and mental advantages, I'm not surprised.

I've told you all about biomimicry and the method of bringing features of nature indoors before but NASA has proved that it's not just for the pretty factor.

Biophilic design elements (indoor plants, wooden furniture, natural fabrics) in the home or office also pack a powerful punch in boosting immunity, productivity, tolerance to others, relaxation and easy breathing, it seems.

"Both plant leaves and roots are utilized in removing trace levels of toxic vapors from inside tightly sealed buildings. Low levels of chemicals such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde can be removed from indoor environments by plant leaves alone.”

Let us show you how it's done

If it's okay with NASA, it's definitely okay with us so fire up the cylinders and hop on board the biophilia bandwagon.

Here's a little interior inspo to set you on your way, featuring some of our most popular carpet tiles and luxury vinyl flooring solutions...

1. Biodegradable Super Salad Bowl £12.50 - Ovo Home

2. Biodegradable Salad Servers £6.95 - Ovo Home

3. Tear Drop Terrarium £25 - Urban Outfitters

4. Indoor plants from £6.99 - Waitrose Garden

5. Nouveau Nature carpet tiles £4.98 - DCTUK

6. Desso Airmaster Oxy carpet tiles £5.75

7. Natural Rattan Laundry Basket £70 - Habitat

8. CACTACEAE Potted Plants £4.50 - Ikea

6. Decotile 30 Wood LVT £10.96m2

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