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There's a new kid on the Polyflor Bloc


There's a new kid on the Polyflor Bloc

Before New Year I told you we had a whole host of exciting new tricks up our sleeves to mesmerize you with and I wasn't kidding. We've had the innovative Desso Jeans and the Forbo Create Space family so far. Now I'm here with the next installment of flooring flabbergastation. No, flabbergastation isn't a real word but it definitely should be.

The new kid on the Polyflor Bloc

Amongst the quartz-embellished vinyl planks and micro-beaded safety vinyl sheets, Polyflor Bloc PUR is not afraid to go back to the basics of block colour. It's bold, it's beautiful and this solid colour sheet flooring is set to be a real game changer in the world of vinyl rolls this season.

With it's extensive choice of 16 classic and modern colourways, each with a tactile embossed texture, you'll be like a kid in a candy shop with this new range of sheet vinyl flooring. From gentle pastel hues right through to shocking statement shades, Polyflor Bloc is one versatile little diamond.

Polyflor Bloc in reception area in colours Red Beacon and Urban Chic

You can bag this colour popping maverick for a limited launch price of just £26.44 per m2 for orders under 40m2 but if you're working with an area bigger than that, give us a call on 0345 222 1541 and we can shrink the price tag for you.

Polyflor Bloc in seating area in colours Cool Breeze and Marine Blue

Reinforced with a polyurethane layer, this baby also comes with a lifetime polish-free promise for minimal maintenance and explains the 'PUR' at the end of the name. Vinyl flooring are often used in places where there's going to be lots of messy materials, moisture and spillages so a PUR surface treatment makes cleanliness and hygiene an absolute breeze.

As well as the PUR layer comes a 0.7mm thick heavy duty wear layer, which makes Bloc the perfect contender for the commercial, public, hospitality and leisure centres. It's like some kind of tasty trifle made up of layer upon layer of pukka performance properties.

Polyflor Bloc in clothes shop in colour Clay Deep

Head on over to the Polyflor Bloc PUR product page to check out the full spec which includes fire resistance, abrasion resistance and a resistance to chemicals.

Oh and don't forget - we can fit it for you too if you like. Read more about our first-class flooring fitting service.