Top 10 reasons to love carpet tiles


Top 10 reasons to love carpet tiles
Welcome back to the DCTUK blog. This post needs no introduction as we’re about to share the top 10 reasons why your domestic space or commercial project quite simply needs some brand spanking new carpet tiles. So with no further ado…

Design diversity

Unlike traditional carpet rolls, modular tiles allow limitless creativity so you can create an installation that is rich in imagination and is adaptable to a whole host of personal tastes and projects. Combine patterns, textures, styles and colours from across the collections to create a unique and bespoke finish to compliment any interior theme.

Be kind to your budget

Here at DCTUK, we are Discount by name and discount by nature but even without our own incredibly affordable price points, as general rule, carpet tiles are far more budget-friendly than other flooring solutions. Their modular nature and simple loose lay installation make for less wastage and low-cost upkeep.


he materials and processes used to construct carpet tiles mean they are incredibly long-lasting and robust so you can trust their promised longevity. We’ve called this carpet tile confidence ‘sureability’ because you can be 100% sure that the durability of your new flooring solution will withstand the test of time.

No mess, no stress

One of the main advantages that come with carpet tiles is the super-quick and effortlessly simple installation process that their loose lay and modular nature allow. Most carpet tiles won’t require any adhesive or expensive equipment whatsoever so you can DIY in record time.

Minimal maintenance efforts

Carpet tiles are as easy to rearrange or replace as they are to install in the first place so if you fancy a change or decide to up sticks at any point, there’s no need to worry about your fabulous floor. Stains, spillages and wear & tear are all unavoidable misfortunes of everyday life but they are far less problematic with tiles that can be individually lifted.

Reduced disruption

Unlike bulky rolls of carpet, individual tiles can be installed in stages so there’s no need to strip your interior bare beforehand. This means you won’t have to evict the family pet from their favourite spot for too long or find external storage for commercial possessions while the floor undergoes a modular makeover.

Life’s little luxuries

Adding a little indulgence to your interior is the perfect way to turn that frown upside down. Any one of our premium carpet tiles with a plush pile height and insulating properties can help you achieve maximum levels of luxury, as well as a warm and inviting ambience in any domestic or commercial interior.

The sound of silence

Another of the endless advantages (believe us, we could go on forever) that come with carpet tiles is the ability to incorporate sound absorption into your interior design project. When browsing the site, check the specifications of the tiles that take your fancy because they just might also bring noise-reducing properties to the table.

People-friendly packaging

Are you still nursing the lasting effects of a pulled muscle after trying to lug huge rolls of carpet out of a van and up several flights of stairs? Well wince no longer because our carpet tiles come packaged in modestly-sized boxes that are easy to carry, lift and transport from A to B.

Reduce your carbon footprint

As if all if the above wasn’t enough, our carpet tiles also help you treat our precious planet with the care it deserves. With less wastage, no need for toxic adhesives, lower CO2 emissions during production and the regular use of recycled materials, carpet tiles are a great choice for the eco-conscious customer.