Our top 5 fitting projects this month!

Georgia Urmson

Can I book a fitting project still?

If you are a home owner, renter or business manager, then it’s likely that you will need to get the floors of your space redone at some point. Thankfully for us all, DCTUK are here still fitting your flooring projects safely and quickly, to help turn your dull worn out floors into an oasis of beauty! So let's take a look at my top 5 picks!


Fitting Project 1

This fitting project was a residential client and she had her whole kitchen flooring re done. With the help of our fantastic sales team, the customer decided on going for the Polyflor Camaro Cambridge Parquet! You get that modern, classy, expensive look with this floor and really does make a huge impact on any space! It has been my favorite for years because of these reasons and seriously makes places look amazing!


Fitting Project 2

Now let's take a trip down South - the land of red busses and tea. Or so that's what I think about when I think about the South, can you tell I'm from the North?🤣 Anyway, this project was for an office and they sent us a design plan of how they wanted their flooring to turn out. With this plan our fitters got straight on the job in creating the clients flooring imaginations come to life! They opted for the oh so popular Nouveau Essentials and Pragon Codec to create this fun design. If you're an office and you're wanting to create something like this but feel like you dont have the 'skill' to whip up a flooring plan. Then, not to worry, our Design Lab is here! All's you do is send us your thoughts and ideas and we can create the flooring plan for you! Just fill out the form here! Best of all? This service is FREE! Woop woop chicken soup 🍲


Wait DCTUK fitted flooring for Channel 4 news?!

Fitting Project 3

HELL YEAH! When I say we're a big deal, we're a big deal wink So if you're a celeb reading this (Please be Zac Efron, please be Zac Efron🙏) and wanting your floor fitted to perfection then don't hesitate to get in touch we do the best jobs around here! Channel 4 news opted to go for the hugely popular Forbo wood effect carpet planks! If you don't know what these are, then you must have been living under a rock right?! All jokes aside, just look at the pictures to see how much these carpet planks look like real wood! Annnnddd If you still don't believe me just order your FREE samples of this product here! 


Fitting Project 4

Our next fitting project, we are taking a trip down memory lane to high school! No we don't need to share those embarrassing high school moments, but instead we're going to share this new floor! This school opted for the Interface Transformation in colour Fern, we have actually recently done a video on these carpet tiles, check it out here! They chose just the one carpet tile but because it is the Interface Transofrmation, it looks like they are using different carpet tiles because of Transformations unique pattern! Check it out! 


There's more?

Yep sorry, I told you we don't slow down around here! 

Fitting Project 5 

Now this is one of the most fun projects from the bunch! Did you know you can write your business name in carpet tiles?! Well if you didn't, you can! This project is in an office, and these guys decided to use our free Design Lab service to create some funky designs! The carpet tiles used are our very own Nouveau Apollo Moon Grey & Galaxy Grey and the Heagu 727. Don't forget we have 100's of different carpet tiles in 100's of different colours so which ever colour your paticular brand is why not match it up to that like these guys have done! 


So, whether it be an office, school or home, we fit ANY project! Make sure you book your fitting project in HERE, and don't delay as we are pretty in demand! If you want to see more, then just check this video out! 👇


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