Ultra Violet: Pantone colour of the year 2018


Ultra Violet: Pantone colour of the year 2018

When Pantone reveals their tone of choice, there is always a flurry of creations inspired by it that pop up in a whole host of sectors from fashion and cosmetics to travel and interior design.
The latter is obviously the one we're most interested in so it's exciting to see how beautifully Ultra Violet meshes with a worldwide desire to explore new technologies and the greater galaxy.

DCTUK World of Ultra Violet

Across our site, we have well over 200+ purple carpet tiles and carpet planks. Who knew you could have so much choice!  We have collected together our top 6 purple carpet tiles.

1 - Purple Haze by Nouveau

As part of our vibrant Carnival range, these solution-dyed tiles look great on their own or mixed with other contemporary Nouveau designs as part of a bespoke finish.

Nouveau Rainbow
Nouveau Carnival - Purple Haze

2 - Purple by Heckmondwike

Heckmondwike is a real no-brainer if you're looking for something that is going to save the day when you need resilience, endurance and a whole host of performance benefits.

Heckmondwike Supacord
Heckmondwike Supacord - Purple

3 - Purple By Paragon Diversity

These durable nylon carpet tiles are the tools you need to get creative with a whole host of commercial environments.

Paragon Diversity
Paragon Diversity - Purple

4 - Purple Haze by Burmatex Rialto

Constructed using solution-dyed polypropylene fibres, this velour carpet tile is ideal for heavy contract commercial usage.

Burmatex Rialto
Burmatex Rialto - Purple Haze

5 - Purple Rain by Nouveau Futureproof

Nouveau futureproof is a new generation of carpet tiles which guarantee to leave your next project ready for the year 3000...

Nouveau Futureproof
Nouveau Futureproof - Purple Rain

6 - Coal Purple by Milliken Initio

These hardwearing nylon tiles come with a 10 year guarantee, making them perfect for any office, hotel or commercial space.

Milliken Initio
Milliken Initio - Coal Purple

200+ Purple carpet tiles

We have picked our top purple tiles; now it's your turn! We have over 200+ purple carpet tiles. And with the colour purple taking the world by storm it time to get your hands on our free samples. Its very simple to order your free carpet samples. just look for the blue button on each one of our product pages


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