We are the home of affordable design, but what is affordable design?


We are the home of affordable design, but what is affordable design?

Now, I’m sure you have seen the phrase ‘affordable design’ popping up left, right and centre at DCTUK, just like our live chat.

Well, that is because here at DCTUK we are the ‘home of affordable design’. Our number one, numero uno, mission is to ensure those hours spent browsing through Instagram and Pinterest saving ‘interior inspo’ pins and images do not go to waste.

Our promise to you is high quality luxurious products at a budget friendly price that won’t leave you feeling as if you’ve paid for a 14-night stay at the Four Seasons, your neighbours’ new car and the dogs down the road surgery.

How do we achieve this you ask? Well with the numerous free services that we offer, duh.

Okay, so we all love a bargain which is why we have cooked up our own magical Lowest Price Promise. If you were to find a tile cheaper elsewhere (which pfft, I don’t believe you will), we will beat it, squash it, crush it.

Don’t consider yourself to be much of a handy man with the tape measure? No worries, our fitters will pay you a cheeky visit and conduct a FREE site survey to ensure you have the accurate measurements to begin designing.

Now, we have made it real simple to get a fresh look for your workplace and we have two, yes two, options available to you.

1. Quite easily pleased, not too fussy and just like to go with the flow? Our Shop the Look pages sound like the perfect match for you. Just head on over and click on the image you like, enter your measurements and we will tell you exactly what is needed to complete it. And can you guess what? No, sadly you will not be awarded a interior design diploma, but it is FREE!

2. However, if you are a tad lazy and looking for something a touch more personal, pop your feet up and let our design team turn your dreams into reality whilst keeping it within your available budget.

Don’t say we don’t spoil you guys.

So, why are we just dishing out all these fancy services for free?

We are passionate about helping our customers reach their interior goals by providing these free services. Why should design services only be available to those raking in the dough?

DCTUK are here to assist you on your flooring journey from start to finish, providing you with the extra necessities, guiding you in the right direction.

But how will I save the big bucks you ask?

Nouveau is here to lend a helping hand as it keeps those uncooperative budgets in mind. Our in-house brand Nouveau takes its inspiration from higher-end brands, offering you great alternatives for just a fraction of the cost.

Let’s take a look how Nouveau compares against the big guns…

Nouveau Apollo vs Desso Essence

We love Desso Essence here at DCTUK however we realise it does not fit into everyone’s budget. Nouveau Apollo will not disappoint, with the same construction and similar thickness, it is a perfect cost-effective alternative.

Nouveau Rio vs Burmatex Academy

Burmatex Academy is a great cost-effective tile itself with a huge range of colour options. However, if you aren’t looking for a specific colour, Nouveau Rio could save you some pennies.

Nouveau Carnival vs Heuga 727

727 is a hugely popular tile and many who know Heuga are reluctant to swap from their beloved Heuga tiles. At a £1 saving per tile, Nouveau Carnival may be more suited to your budget.

Nouveau Beeline vs Interface Transformation

When it comes to carpet tiles Interface really know what they’re doing which is why we look to them for inspiration. Although only available in two colourways, Nouveau Bee Line is a great alternative to Interface Transformation.

Opting for Nouveau products allows you achieve the same stunning look without the killer invoice at the end!

Happy shopping!


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