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Our Top Picks For Your Workplace Flooring

Xhesika Tufa

Imagine yourself with an endless catalog of options to choose from when designing your workspace flooring.

Of course, you’ll need hours to make up your mind and it would also cost you a lot to order and view samples.

This is why we at DCTUK have a better plan for you.

Here are 3 amazing options for a luxurious, yet comfy carpet tiles:

Milliken Facet Carpet Tiles

Milliken has an amazing color palette that allows you to design wonderful flooring. But, what’s so special about Milliken?

The Milliken is part of the Facet collection, it has unique designs, it is suitable for use with castor chairs, and it is appropriate for both commercial and hospitality sectors.

And last but not least, it has a 12-year guarantee - which we think is pretty convincing of its durability.


Modulyss First Define Carpet Tiles

The Modulyss brand is a favorite! It is available in 11 colors that vary from earth tones to bright and bold ones.

Modulyss is a popular choice for our customers as it can be installed with carpet tile adhesive, it is perfect for heavy contract commercial use and has an impressively low price point.

Based on our experience, the best combinations are First ForwardDecodeStraightline, and Streamline.


Burmatex Origin Carpet Tiles

Expressive coworkers would never. Yes, because the Burmatex Origin is a smart carpeting solution for any kind of castor chair spin or morning coffee spill!

This collection comes in 10 different colorways, it is perfect for heavy contract commercial use, it helps reduce excess impact noise, and it has an A+ BREEAM rating.

And the cherry on top: this brand comes with an impressive 10-year guarantee.


You can order FREE samples for ALL THREE and we’ll personally bring and fit them for you.


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