10 ways to keep a positive mindset while at home

10 ways to keep a positive mindset while at home


It is important to give yourself time whilst you are at home and let your mind breathe, so take a bath, put on a face mask and go eat your favourite snack!

Read a book or listen to an audio book

Reading may not be for everyone but there are many alternatives, reading is a good way to release stress and has been proven to help with everyday life by making it far more peaceful.


It is important to keep a healthy mind and body whilst being at home, there are many ways to keep fit for example home workouts. Creating your own workout to suit your abilities and watching fitness videos on YouTube will help to release endorphins and keep you going!

Sit outside

Being unable to go to a cafe or to the park can get frustrating but it does not mean you cannot enjoy the fresh air. Sit on your grass or on your chairs and take in the fresh air and scenery around you, the outdoors is key to keeping your mind happy.

Take a break off your phone

It is understandable that we all want to keep up to date with the latest news but social media can cause more stress. It is important to balance how often you use your phone in your everyday life, place it down for a few hours and watch TV instead!

Listen to music

Music is a great way to get you through the day and it is available everywhere. Blast your favourite songs as you clean, work or how about listening to a sleep playlist while you drift off?

Eat well

It can be hard to maintain a balanced diet when you are at home, we know you can’t resist that chocolate in your fridge! However, it is important to keep eating well and make sure you are receiving all the right vitamins you need. Cooking will keep you busy and happy too.

Create a routine

Although you may be off school or work, making a to-do list or a routine for your day can help to keep your mind happy. Following an everyday rota can help you to keep track of the things you need to do.

Call friends and relatives

Staying in touch with those around you allows you to catch up with loved ones, it is always important to have someone else at the other end of the phone whether it is to catch up or blow off some steam.


Meditation is a great way to engage your mind and let go of any excess stress, meditation can help you find a balance within your life and allow you to stay calm and positive.