Interior Trends 2020: Abstract Energy

Annabelle Harris

Interior Trends 2020: Abstract Energy

So we introduced you to the poppin’ trends of 2020 a few weeks back, now we’re here to show you how to achieve these trends with our show-stopping floor collections.

First up we have Abstract Energy

Abstract Energy is all about injecting a splash of personality into our environment through the use of block colours and bold geometrics. I know what you’re thinking, COLOUR?! Adding colour to our home can be well, daunting. Some of us have become so accustomed to simple, non-fuss monochrome interiors that the thought of adding colour sends shivers down our spines. It’s scary we get it, but there is a whole world of colour at your doorstep waiting to be explored. 

The best thing about Abstract Energy is that it isn’t just restricted to one colour scheme, it’s all about finding the colours you love and match your personality. Whether it is warm or cool tones, bright colours or pastels, find colours that affect your mood in a positive way.  

So, now you’re warming to the idea of adding a teeny-tiny splash of colour into your home, let’s take a look on how you can achieve this look.



Heuga 727

Abstract Energy is all about having fun and being free-spirited with your colour choices and Heuga 727 can certainly lend a helping hand. With 48 diverse colourways to choose from, it comes as no surprise that Heuga 727 carpet tiles are one of the most popular loop pile designs on the market. Abstract Energy encourages you to be brave with your colour choices, causing you to create combinations that would have previously caused you to question your sanity. Go on, try pairing Paprika with Blue Riband or Lilac with Aegean Sea to create some crazy patterns and add character into your space. Heuga tiles are hugely popular among both residential and commercial customers thanks to their wear-resistant, self-repairing, fire-resistant and anti-static nylon fibres; these tiles are in it for the long run.


Forbo Tessera Teviot

You asked for colour choice and baam we’ve delivered. 48 must be the magic number as Teviot also boasts a colour palette of 48 colourways, featuring rich purples and mustard yellows. Teviot is the dream palette for those looking to step out of their comfort zone and achieve Abstract Energy whilst remaining within budget. Known for their outstanding performance even in the most demanding of environments, Teviot is constructed using durable yarns that boast wear-resistant, easy-clean and self-repairing qualities. As durable as they are stylish, what’s not to love? 


Milliken Clerkenwell - Three Corners

Bold Geometrics play a key role in this trend, some like to include it through their use of cushions, but the braver ones may opt for something a little more 'out there'. Three Corners is bold, vibrant and features a geometric diamond pattern. Pretty funky right? Go crazy with these designs, using patterns in your interior adds depth and dimensions whilst creating a unique flooring solution like no other. Use Three Corners as a tool for zoning and creating feature rugs - don’t overpower your space by putting these tiles in large areas. Check out it’s siblings Ely Place and Angled Walk for similar geometric designs to achieve the Abstract Energy look.


Incorporating colours through the use of flooring is the perfect baby step to add a splash of colour without getting rid of your precious grey walls and furniture. 

LG Harmony Parquet

Now, another way to achieve Abstract Energy is through your furnishing and wall colourings, therefore you want to keep your flooring pretty low key. LG Harmony Parquet  is your right hand man as Parquet is bang on trend right now as it helps to create a shabby chic and rustic vibe in any environment. This stylish vinyl range is super affordable whilst boasting so many added benefits that don't come with your traditional wooden flooring. Available in 6 stunning colourways, each featuring a R9 slip-resistance rating and fire resistant to Bfl-s1 rating, LG Harmony Parquet includes an iconic residential lifetime warranty (or a 15 year commercial warranty). That's better than some solid wood floors, you're well looked after with LG. 


Be brave, be bold. The key to this trend is that there aren’t any rules.

Abstract Energy also draws upon the imperfect and fluidity of hand drawn form and it plays a key focus in this trend. Head on over to some of our fave print websites such as Desenio to complete your look.



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