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Add a pop of colour to classrooms this summer


Add a pop of colour to classrooms this summer

Throw it back to all those years ago when you were at school, can you remember what your classroom was like? For me all I can picture is a dimly lit, extremely dull and beige classroom with zilch colour in sight. Sounding familiar?

Colour is such a fundamental part of our lives and it can have a huge affect on our emotions and can also stimulate our moods (now it makes sense why I’m so moody all the time, it’s the all black kitchen. Duh).

Unsurprisingly, young children thrive in brightly coloured environments. However colour in schools, especially the colour of classroom floors, is frequently overlooked. It has been proven that injecting a pop of colour into a classroom environment can stimulate participation, promote physical and mental health and aid information retention (frantically throws anything black and brown in sight out of the window).

The use of colour through carpet tiles can also help define a rooms purpose, whether it’s for creative learning or quiet rest and study. Zoning areas also allows children to understand how certain areas of a room are used.

Here at DCTUK we have a great selection of vibrant tiles sure to brighten up any classroom.

Heckmondwike Supacord

Supacord Colourways

Supa by name and super by nature. A bit of an industry legend, this fibre bonded tile is ideal for schools, which are often areas of heavy wear and tear, as it will not ravel or fray ensuring durability and low cost maintenance.

The combination of polypropylene, polyamide and polyester offers anti-static qualities, fire-resistance and thermal insulation to name just a few. But most importantly and what we’re all here for, it is available in 40+ colourways, featuring brights and neutrals, allowing you to get creative with zoning too!

Burmatex Cordiale

Cordiale Colourways

From the stab of heavy table legs to the scrape of furniture and the weight of hyperactive castor wheels, commercial carpets certainly have a lot to contend with but these fibre-bonded tiles are up to the task. Produced using part-polypropylene, part-nylon and a mix of high-performance fine rib fibres, these tiles are highly durable making them perfect for any school setting. Oh but what makes them even more idyllic is their colour choice, have you ever seen an orange so bright?

Modulyss Pure Air100

Pure Air100 colourways

Every school has that one watery-eyed person who is constantly coughing and spluttering all over their notepad. With Pure Air100 you can wave goodbye to harmful airborne particles and the spread of germs with this innovative, dust-capturing carpet tile from the geniuses at Modulyss. As well as being technically tip-top, each of the 7 loop pile colourways strike the ideal balance between style and subtly for an interior aesthetic that lends itself perfectly to the modern work space.

Heuga 727

Heuga 727 colourways

Heuga 727 will be sure to energise any classroom, oozing with colour, this durable and hard wearing collection is well suited to heavy contract use. Boasting wear-resistant, self-repairing, fire-resistant AND anti-static nylon fibres, high-footfall will be no problemo for these bad boys. Super easy to clean and available in 48 colourways, it’s no surprise that these modular carpet tiles are one of the most popular loop pile designs on the market.

Nouveau Elite Prismatic

Nouveau Elite Prismatic colourways

Elite Prismatic cleverly uses colour to bring just the right amount of pizazz to any learning environment. A tight, tufted loop construction teams up with a tough bitumen backing to provide a load-bearing flooring solution that will remain resilient in the face of castor chairs, heavy furniture and a never-ending stream of students. Fire-resistant, thermal and sound absorbing properties are also mega benefits especially for schools where safety, comfort and noise control are all of paramount importance.

Modulyss Millennium Nxtgen

Modulyss Millennium Nxtgen Colourways

Re-vamp classrooms with this vibrant range of carpet tiles that transforms boring spaces at the speed of light and remains a firm favourite in commercial spaces. Made out of 100% regenerated ECONYL yarn these tiles are environmentally friendly and highly durable. Suitable for castor chair use and so bright you might need to pop on your shades.

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