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Tis the season for underfloor heating


Tis the season for underfloor heating

Because we make it our duty to keep you on the frontline of flooring fashions at all costs, you already know that metallics, geometric patterns, Hygge homes and the combo of pink & grey are big contenders in the style stakes this season. However what you might not know is that underfloor heating is blossoming by the day into a friendly modern monster that both commercial and residential customers just can't get enough of.

I'm a big underfloor heating fan myself as my tootsies do have a tendency to get chilly but it isn't just your slipper consumption that's going to benefit from this contemporary way of heating things up...

Let's take a look at why underfloor heating for offices, homes and public spaces is becoming such a big deal and then I can point you in the direction of the carpet tiles and vinyl flooring that is going to be compatible with it.

Save energy and money simultaneously

It's supposedly in my genetic make up as a female to be able to multitask like a pro but the show I put on making toast and tea in the mornings begs to differ. Kettle in the fridge and everything. However when it comes to being kind to the environment and my budget, that's the kind of synchronicity I can get on board with and I bet you're the same. That's why I know you'll love this year's fever for subfloor heating.

Some people shrug underfloor heating systems off as one great big expense that they could really do without but because this method of creating optimum cosiness is so energy efficient and quick at getting the job done, it's actually super cost effective. Think about it - a conventional radiator is all compact and tucked away so takes yonks to heat a whole room up but a network of heating pipes beneath the floor cover a much larger surface area and require a much lower temperature to feel the effects.

This low energy consumption also means underfloor heating can be run off renewable sources like solar panels or heating pumps, which is a win-win all around really. Plus, heat rises so with conventional radiators you often lose a lot of your warmth to the ceiling but when you're heating from the subfloor up, you can be sure that you'll stay toasty from head to toe.

Bare feet on kitchen floor tiles with underfloor heating
Example of an underfloor heating system 1
Example of the structure of underfloor heating
Example of an underfloor heating system 2

It's all about the improved aesthetics too

As well as its financial and environmental benefits, underfloor heating also looks much smarter than big bulky radiators. Interior design these days is either about cutting edge minimalism or that rustic farmhouse vibe, neither of which a wall mounted or plug in radiator compliment so opting for an invisible heating system seems like a no brainer to me.

Being able to streamline the way we heat our spaces is particularly useful when it comes to retail spaces and schools where maximum wall spaces is essential for displaying products, storing stuff and stacking shelves.

Okay so if you're feeling converted and fancy hopping on board the underfloor heating bandwagon, check out these carpet tiles and vinyl flooring products that have been designed with subfloor systems in mind...

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