Colour Focus: Green

Annabelle Harris

Colour Focus: Green

Bring the great outdoors in - green takes us back to the basics, back to nature

Have you ever just walked into a room and felt instantly happy? Colours have the ability to affect our moods and emotions and green is the emotionally positive colour that we all need in these chaotic times. 

Green, the colour of life, nature and energy and its popularity has skyrocketed over the past few years in both commercial and residential interiors due to its strong association with nature. Most often related to balance, harmony and growth, green is the colour of security, people often feel grounded and at one with nature when surrounded by it. 

Just think how refreshing a walk through the park can be or how enjoyable a day outdoors spent in the garden feasting on a homemade picnic can be. Due to its association with the outside world, the colour green rejuvenates, radiates peace and energises all of us - hence why there is so much green on our planet.

A massively versatile colour, the shades of green, from lime tones to olive hues, can evoke a variety of emotions. So if you are a fan of Pina Coladas, green tea and country walks in the rain then you are bound to find a flooring solution to suit your needs with our wide range of green carpet tiles.



How to incorporate Green into you interior

Bright and dynamic or elegant and calming, there is always a way to incorporate a splash of green into your interior space. 

If you are after a subtle pop of colour, green compliments creamy, neutral and warm tones perfectly and you can never go wrong with a touch of green on a neutral backdrop. Pastel green tones create an almost neutral and modern interior helping to create a soothing and warming environment. 

Opt for bright green tones with a monochrome decor to create a sense of energy and in turn refreshing your space and grounding what would otherwise have been well, pretty bland and boring. 

If you're aiming to feature in 'Ideal Home's' next feature spread and are prepared to take it up a notch, check out the dynamic duo - green and pink. Paring green tones with pink hues has become a huge trend in the world of interior design and it's worth giving it a bash, you might just surprise yourself. 

Incorporate green into your space through the use of tropical motifs and floral prints. Botanical design is a huge interior design trend currently as it creates an energising and uplifting space. Aiming to re-connect us all back with nature with its healing effect on the mind, body and soul, Botanical design offers an easy way to re-connect with nature whilst simultaneously fulfilling our ever-growing desire to floor our interiors with green. 



The many shades of Green

Lime Green - A mixture of yellow-green, lime is luminous, playful and promotes feelings of liveliness and youthfulness, Favoured by the younger generation, lime creates a feeling and anticipation that lends a helping hand in clearing the mind from any negative thoughts. 

Grassy Green - Symbolising air as fresh as a brights summer's day, this shade of green is bright and exciting. It helps us to feel natural and healthy and occurs in abundance in the world.

Olive Green - Varying greatly from muddy tones to softer shades, olive offers great design flexibility. Representing a strength of character that can overcome adversity, olive has been a popular shade in interior design for a long period of time. A fairly neutral shade making it the ideal base colour when pairing with bold features and accent shades. 

Emerald Green - Featuring a fairly bright and light tone with a faint bluish overlay, emerald green is luxurious and adds a sparkle of elegance and depth to any space. An inspiring colour suggesting wealth in all forms, it is a complex hue that screams 'i'm expensive' without arrogance.

Dark Green - Also known as bottle and forest green, this shade is reminiscent of tall trees and dark woods. Often associated with a sense of resentment however due to its association with wealthy businessmen, dark green oozes style and sophistication



However, you can have too much of a good thing and turn into a green eyed monster. Flooding your interior with green can cause people to become placid, lazy and slow (or that’s their excuse for it anyway). Search for the perfect harmony and balance between colours, objects and materials such as browns, yellows and white to create the perfect space. 

Unlikely to fall out of fashion any time soon, opting for a green interior is a safe bet.

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