Interior Trends 2020: Botanical Design

Annabelle Harris

Interior Trends 2020: Botanical Design

Botanical Design aka plants on plants on plants

The time has come to inject some floral prints and tropical motifs into your interior decor and what better way to do it than with botanical design. 


Outdoors meets indoors

Year after year Botanical Design sneaks its way onto the yearly 'most popular interior design trends' report, with a few little tweaks acting as it’s disguise. 

In the hustle and bustle of our busy everyday lives it's easy to forget about the beauty of nature and the world surrounding us. Botanical Design aims to re-connect us all back with nature and to have a healing effect on the body, mind and soul. Creating a fresh, energising and uplifting space, plants and nature have huge decorative potential in both the home and workplace.

Seeking to integrate both human and natural concepts, this design trend came about way back in the 1930's with a direct belief that design, people and nature should coexist. Inviting the outside inside has been proven to has a positive impact on our overall health. Research has shown that incorporating elements of nature into our environments through interior design plays a key role in reducing stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates. PLUS this type of design also increases productivity creativity and self-reported rates of well-being. Pretty cool right? Read more about this here.


Vibrant greens are key to this trend. Green is the colour of vitality, wealth and nature which instantly freshens up any space with a joyful and vibrant look. However, it's important not to to overpower your room and simply flood it with green galore. Therefore, we advise opting for a more muted and grounded earthy tone for your flooring whilst leaving the vibrant greens to your wall coverings and soft furnishings.

Offering an easy way to reconnect with nature and fulfilling our ever-growing desire to go green, lets’ take a look how you can create a sense of serenity in your home or workplace through your flooring choice…

Nouveau Nature

I mean, it really is in the name Nouveau Nature. When designing this exclusive range, beauty was found in all corners of nature. Focusing on the more on the subdue tones found in nature, from the humble Artichoke and Cornsilk to the crisp Dry Leaf and Forest Rain. Made with 50% recycled materials, these hard-wearing polyamide times are sure to stand the test of time thanks to their durable and luxurious tufted loop construction. 

Milliken Tracing Landscapes

Tracing Landscapes is inspired by the world surrounding us, from sheltered bays to rolling hills and shapes and textures that have been sculptured over time. Featuring a tufted textured tip shear pile and an intensive castor chair use rating, this carpet tile mimics our environment AND also saves it! So whether it’s a soft beige or a striking green you’re after, this simple and subtle collection provides the perfect backdrop for any space large or small.

Interface Urban Retreat

The best things in life come in three's. A three part series, Urban Retreat celebrates the magic that can happen when urban architecture collides with raw and organic elements. The trio aims to explore transitions between colour, form and texture, giving you the perfect backdrop for your botanical interior. UR101 acts as a transition tile between man-made and organic, UR102 oozes mother nature whereas UR103 mimics textured and stone-like terrain. Shop the full Urban Retreat collection here (there’s a few sneaky additions). P.s. did we mention they are 100% recycled?

When it comes to botanical design, Interface are hot on this trend and we could go on for days on end about Interface’s collections inspired by nature. Understandably, that is not what you want and therefore we’ve made it nice and easy and popped them all into one place here.



Modulyss Leaf

This range of recycled Nylon carpet tiles is all about fresh starts and turning over a new leaf. Featuring a palette of warm and earthy colourways, each with a unique rustic surface pattern, Modulyss Leaf may look delicate but it meets the most stringent of hotel and office requirements. Recently awarded Cradle to Cradle certified Gold, Modulyss Leaf is a real game-changer.

Wood Effect LVT

Featuring vibrant pines, soft elms and country oaks, light and mid wood tones are perfect add a touch of nature into your space. Opting for light - mid coloured LVT ensures ultimate Botanical Design interior by combining jungle vibes with wood-effect materials and textures.

Nouveau Essentials

Here at DCTUK we love a little luxury but we also understand the importance of the bear necessities which is why we created this holy grail range. Nouveau Essentials is a low cost option for those looking for style whilst also saving some pennies. Featuring Dark Greens and Mustard tones, Nouveau Essentials offers you Botanical Design at a budget friendly price.


Shop Vibrant Greens

If you are a touch bit braver with your colour choices and part of the bold brigade, then green carpet tiles may just be your thing. From natural khaki's to eye-poppin' lime greens, we've got a fabulous selection of green carpet tiles to add a touch of nature into your space. Shop green carpet tiles here.

Take a look and see how we introduced Botanical Design into our offices last year.


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