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Desso Fields - What is it?

Georgia Urmson

Desso Fields - What is it?

So what is Desso Fields?!

Well there is one thing we know for certain and that is that we're from the land of Strawberry Fields but that doesn't explain what Desso Fields is. Sorry I'm here to help not confuse. Read on! 



Desso Fields is a fab new carpet tile that has enlarged and irregular loops with a unique hand-woven textured effect for a look that is plush to touch, interesting to the eye and relentlessly reliable when it comes to endurance and performance. I mean seriously, what more could you want? 




Who are the carpet tiles for?

Well, they are made for commercial customers for example, offices, hotels, receptions etc because it has a wearclass rating of 33, meaning it can withstand heavy footfall. However, this doesn't mean that you can't put this in a home setting. These tiles will look good anywhere! Especially in a home office! 


Can they be recycled?

YES! Desso Fields carpet tiles are 100% recyclable. They come with EcoBase Backing as standard. They are also made using 100% Econyl Yarn. Don't know what Econyl Yarn is? Check out this. 



So, you can be sure to know that when choosing Desso Fields you are saving the marine wildlife. What an amazing feeling. 

How many colour choices are there?

Desso Fields comes in 37 different colours so you can be sure to find the perfect colour to match your interior or branding. Why not have a play around with designs and create some funky patterns in the floor?! If this is something you would like to do but not to sure how to design it yourself, then go to our design lab today where we can help you put a unique flooring plan together, FREE of charge! 


Further extending the range, Fields can be perfectly combined with the Desso Linon collection, unifying different textures for a contemporary look and feel, whilst expanding the colour options to a total of 55!!


Want to find out more? Watch our Product video below! 👇🏼




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