15 Budget Home Decor Ideas to update your space!

Georgia Urmson

If you've got nothing to do (which most of us don't right now), and want to get a little creative, these quick-and-easy home updates will have you feeling like an interior designer.

If there's one thing that most homeowners can agree with: it takes far too long for many of us to justify (or afford) taking our beloved abodes from drab to fab. For those who don't mind spending some spare change or breaking out their DIY skills though... read on! 

1. Add some greenery!

A touch of green in your home is a great way to inject some life into an otherwise bland space. They look especially great in an all white room. Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry, I got you covered with this list of fake plants that will make any room come alive & the best part, they won't take your time up caring for them! Check them out here!


2. Change cupboard door handles

If you're sick of the same old, boring handles in your kitchen drawers and cupboards, swap them for a new design. Cup handle or simple door knobs work well with Shaker-style kitchens while bar handles are perfect for any modern scheme! We have found a great site for this here.


3. Put up floating shelves

The floating shelf is the perfect addition to your home decor. Not only can it keep those treasured books handy, but you may be able to find a place for that fake plant you bought earlier or your pretty trinkets. A good way of adding character? Put them in different heights and colours! 


4. Mismatched Furniture

Got your eye on a charity shop find, but worried it won’t fit in with your existing pieces? Mismatched furniture is the new thing. You can do this in any room you like! So if you’ve found a bright pink chair and love it, don’t feel you have to purchase a whole new set! 


5. Have a gallery wall!

A gallery wall is a trend that everyone loves right now. It can be as affordable or extravagant as you want it to be, but either way the result will look expensive! Whether you're a pink princess or neutrals queen, this your chance to inject personality onto your walls for less than expected without breaking the bank in process. Why not frame your childrens art work or samples of wallpaper from shops?! (It's free!) 


6. Create a candle corner

Are you totally candle obsessed right now?! Well we are! Candles are the perfect accessory that look amazing and also relax you at the same time. Collect all your candles from around your home and put them together in one corner to create a tres chic display! 


7. Layer your cushions & blankets

It's time to grab all those extra stored blankets and pillows and pile them up on the bed. Not only will it be cosy, but you'll also have a relaxing den that looks like its stepped straight out of a boutique hotel!


8. Add a bar cart!

Like a nice tipple on the weekend? Who doesn't! Why not impress your friends and get yourself an awesome bar cart to keep in your living room. Bar carts can be surprisingly cheap, you could find them at charity shops or upcycle old pieces of furniture! 


9. A statement mirror

A statement mirror is a quick and easy way to bring some drama into your living room without overspending. Why not give it try? If you shop around you will be surprised to find some very budget friendly ones! 


10. Darken up your space

You've heard of brighten up your space but have you thought about darkening up your space? No? Well why not. Guessing the rest of your house is light and bright, why not opt for a moody bedroom to give your house contrast and give that real cosy feeling, after all the bedroom is where you want to be most cosy! A quick tin of dark paint will do the job and all the other accents will fall into place! Black goes with everything right?!


11. Add a bright rug

One of the best ways to spice up your room is with an eye-catching accent rug. These are a great way to add some much needed colour and character into any neutral space!


12. Put a throw on it

Bored of your kitchen chairs but can't afford to but a whole new set? Why not put a throw on it?! (Channelling my inner Beyoncé right now). We found this gorge £20 throw on Amazon! Check it out here!


13. Make a well-lit statement

A stunning light fixture can be the perfect way to add a little glitz and glamour into any room without having to do much else! 


14. Statement cushions

Cushion cases are the PERFECT way to add colour, style an personality in your living room. Especially if you are struggling to involve colour. It's a cosy way to add everything you're needing. It's also incredibly budget friendly, cushion cases can be as cheap as you want them, and you can still use your old pillows! 


15. Painted coffee tables

Coffee tables have most definitely come back into fashion but instead of purchasing an expensive new coffee table, give your current one a fresh look with a new coat of paint that matches your décor.


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