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DIY Project: How to make a rug out of carpet tiles


DIY Project: How to make a rug out of carpet tiles

What are you doing this weekend?

Go fish? Making a rug? Frying oysters?

— Grown-Ass Man Hates You All. Lol.?? (@ZandEDad) March 31, 2019


Okay, we'll go with making a rug. We know nothing about fish.


This is a blog post for "Grown-Ass Man Hates You All LOL" and all of you Pinterest DIY fanatics out there. DIY projects seem like a good idea to begin with but then when you're on the 14th step out of 25 and realise you don't have a vital material/tool to complete the project, you just give up and buy the thing you were attempting to make. Or perhaps you're totally confused at where to start with making a rug like Emily...

Teaching 100s kids how to make proggy mat/ rag rug/ clippy mat is a very interesting task when you have no clue how to make one yourself

— Emily May (@Emily_Watson26) February 19, 2019


Well this 'How to' project on making a rug is only 3 steps but will make a big impact to your room and save you a fortune.



What you'll need:

Step 1: Choose your carpet tile

First things first, you need to choose your carpet tiles. If you already have a colour in mind, you can browse our carpet tiles via colour. Or if you're unsure on what colour you want, just search by brand! Milliken, Interface, EGE, Desso, Forbo and Modulyss have a fantastic range of design led, unique, tiles but if you're a plain Jane and want to cut the cost even further, Nouveau is the brand for you. Just a heads up, most of our carpet tiles come in packs of 20.


Step 2: Lay out your carpet tiles

Once you've chosen and purchased your desired carpet tiles, lay them out in the space to see how many you'll need. If you think 50x50cm carpet tiles are too big, watch our video here which will show you how to cut them to size.

Step 3: Turn over and use TacTiles

After you've decided on the size and laid out the carpet tiles in your space, turn each carpet tile over so the pattern is facing the ground. Next, stick A TacTile to every four tiles where each corner meets to ensure the carpet tiles don't move out of place. TacTiles are strong enough to hold tiles in place and stop them shifting but forgiving enough to be easily removed or replaced without leaving any nasty residue. You can purchase them here.


Once you have secured all carpet tiles in place, turn it back over Voila! You've created a brand new, unique and stylish rug!

Oh, by the way, what you going to do with your rug when you've finished it?

No offence but I'm making a rug right now and if it turns out well I'm going to start a rug selling business

— Spooky Forrest?? (@spooky_forrest) March 9, 2019


Fair enough, Spooky Forrest, you go girl - get your Alan Sugar shoes on and take over the world with your rug making!


Don't forget to tweet us @dctuk or tag us on facebook or instagram @dctukdesign if you try this out, we'd love to see your amazing craftsmanship!


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