Milliken Colour Compositions - A beginner's guide


Milliken Colour Compositions - A beginner's guide

Wanting to add a splash of colour to your interior but don't know where to start? This blog post is just what you need. Sit back, grab a cuppa and relax because I'm about to tell you all about Milliken's Colour Compositions carpet planks.

Now, you may be wondering, "what the heck are carpet planks?" They're just like carpet tiles except they're 25cm x 100cm instead of 50cm x 50cm. You can have a bit more fun with the same of carpet planks as they can be laid in various patterns. Depending on you or your client's taste, it can be installed in a random ashlar pattern (think how bricks are laid) and herringbone, which is a fancy word for weaving pattern.

These carpet tiles are made from 100% regenerated nylon, which is a strong, environmentally friendly fibre. So, if you see the word ECONYL on our website, this means that carpet is partly made up from fishing nets, toys or whatever is chucked in the ocean. You're not only getting an aesthetically pleasing, durable carpet plank/tile, but you’re also saving helpless little turtles and other wildlife creatures getting tied up in fishing nets.

Ok enough of the carpet jargon, let’s dive in and get to know all about these divine Colour Compositions carpet planks. Milliken should really pat themselves on the back for creating an impeccable shade range in fine detail. There are 3 volumes to this collection, so let’s take a look at what Volume I & 2 is all about.

Colour Compositions Volume III Colour Compositions Volume I and II

Milliken Colour Collections Volume I & II

Milliken Colour Collections Volume 1 takes a dark and light-coloured carpet plank (can be sold separately) and creates a beautifully seamless integration of both shades into another carpet plank – talk about statement flooring! If you’re in love with one of the base colours of Volume I, Milliken have realised a Colour Compositions Volume 2 that has taken 3 base colours from the original range and layered different vibrant colours interweaving their way throughout the planks. The colours can be harmonious and balanced or demanding and unpredictable depending on what look you’re going for.

The Volume II collection is split up into three colour families – "Coal", "Celestial" and "Chamois". Each colour family has a range of subtle yet noticeable highlights running throughout the planks which allows you to play around with colourful accessories in your space. "Coal" is the darkest colour out of the three as it's a mixture of dark greys and blacks - just like charred wood. If you love the juxtaposition of light and dark colours in flooring these carpet planks are perfect for you. "Celestial" is a much lighter, warmer tone of grey/beige, it almost looks like drying concrete with streaks of vibrant colours streaking through it. My personal favourite is "Chamois". It's a much more softer grey so the colours just peak out the wood effect plank.

Matching the right accessories to your interior design can really bring out the character of a room. So if you've chosen Coal/Collage which is a cobalt blue colour, sticking with various shades of that colour along with some brighter colours like white, yellow and grey would look perfect in a workspace or waiting room. Milliken have made your job easier by providing you with a statement room colour AND great quality flooring.

Milliken Colour Collections Volume III

Milliken Colour Collections Volume 3 is a whole other ball game. Think light, neutral and soft. This collection will brighten up any home or work space beautifully. Despite their ethereal and soft look, these carpet planks are durable and have a total thickness of 8.3mm - so whether your hopping out of bed or striding around the office all day, these carpet planks provide a cushion effect underneath your feet.

As well as feeling like you're walking on cloud nine, there's an impressive shade range to choose from in Colour Compositions Volume III. "Ashen", "Opal" and "Lament" allow you to experiment with different layouts and combine colours whilst staying within a single colour family.

If you're all about the home grey interior trend that's taken off over the past couple of years, why don't you try out carpet planks from Volume III? It will complement the soft grey tones of the interior without overpowering the room.

The 25cm x 100cm carpet planks will be perfect in residential and commercial spaces, so if you're looking to create a tranquil bedroom or lighten the mood up in your workspace, I'd recommend these beauties. You don’t have to be an art fanatic or interior design junkie to appreciate the detail that Milliken have put into these products, they should pat themselves on the back for doing an amazing job with this collection.

Wondering where you can buy these amazing carpet planks? You can find the full Milliken Colour Compositions range on our Milliken collections page.


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