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Fitting Project - Manchester Boutique Offices

Georgia Urmson

Fitting Project - Manchester Boutique Offices

Come with us to a fitting project!

We are back in Manchester! Fitting another GORGEOUS project using carpet tiles. These aren't any carpet tiles though, no. They are Shaw Carpet Tiles shipped all the way from the USA!! 

Wait, I can order carpet tiles from the US with DCTUK?

Of course! So what you may not know is that DCTUK are NOT limited to the products on our website. Found something you really want but cannot order it anywhere? No problem! Get in touch with us and we can source whatever it is you may desire! 

The Shaw carpet tiles are luxury carpet tiles that give these Manchester offices the boutique feel that they needed! And wow what a difference they made! 


Book your fitting project today!

If you want your office as nice as this or even your own home, remember we have nation-wide fitters that can do almost any job! Just fill out our super-duper easy fitting form here! Then you are well on your way to having the floor of your dreams! 


Want to see more?

Watch our video on this project to see all the boutique offices in full and even an amazing customer testimonal! 




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