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Flawless fitting projects we've completed this May

Annabelle Harris

Flawless fitting projects we've completed this May

Our fitting team have certainly been busy-bee's

Whilst our sales team are busy tapping away finding the perfect flooring solution for you, we also have a team of expert fitters working away behind the scenes to provide our first class nationwide fitting service and boy oh boy have we been busy.

Our fitters have trailed up and down the country and back fitting for a whole variety of clients - from commercial offices and retail & food environments to residential spaces, we'll do them all.

Lets take a look...



A taste of Nouveau Crescent for Twice2Much

You know us, we love something a little weird and wacky in the world of design but sometimes you just can't beat the basics. Twice2Much reached out to DCTUK to supply and fit 170m2 of our very own Nouveau Crescent and we're sure it is going to make a good first impression.

Taking advantage of their empty offices and hallways, DCTUK uplifted the existing flooring to make way for the newbies. Our fitters did a superb job on their straight lay installation here, a smooth and stress free service as promised.


Launching into a new generation of carpet tiles at Ginkgo Financial Ltd

DCTUK installed 105m2 of the ever so popular Nouveau Futureproof and 15m2 of Polysafe Wood FX PUR and tiles this tip top require a subfloor that has been prepared to perfection. Our fitters went in to scrape away any blemishes before installing these environmentally friendly beauties.

We're often asked "can you put carpet tiles on stairs?" and we just simply show them a snap like the one below and that's answered that. Yes we can! DCTUK installed Nouveau Futureproof onto a small set of stairs, using MS1-30 stair nosing to ensure all the finishing touches it needs to flourish.


Treating the home to some underfoot comfort with Polyflor Camaro Wood PUR

DCTUK installed 60m2 of Polyflor Camaro Wood PUR into our clients home.  

Opting for plyboard and feather, this required our fitters to lay rectangular pieces of plywood across the floor followed by a quick feather to fill the gaps in between. The luxury vinyl tiles can then be laid on top and bish bash bosh, jobs a good'un.



The Fab Four for Fitzrovia Construction Ltd

We love a good challenge here at DCTUK and this project consisted of not one or two, not three but four different types of products!

DCTUK laid - 80m2 of Interface WW880 carpet planks, 35m2 of Interface Textured Woodgrains LVT, 60m2 of Interface Step This Way carpet tiles PLUS 5m2 of Altro Walkway sheet vinyl.

The Altro did sort of ruin the Interface theme they had going on but doesn't it look fab? Good job guys. 


A straight lay for Shiftec Leamington

Shiftec called upon DCTUK's expert team of fitters and their well-known straight lay skills to help create a head-turning design using contrasting coloured carpet tiles.

Opting for 75m2 of our best seller Nouveau Connections to create zonal areas in an open plan space, our fabulous fitters helped pull the whole thing together with a faultless uplift & fit service. Good work, boys.


A whole load of Altro Reliance for those Pesky Fish

DCTUK fitted approximately 90m2 of Altro Reliance 25 into Pesky Fish Ltd's HQ.

Arriving bright and early, our fitters began by screeding the subfloor to create a smooth and flat surface for the vinyl to be laid on. A quick cuppa whilst waiting for the screed to dry, they then began the task of laying the vinyl and topping it off with cap & cove for the finishing touch. Now that is a hard day's work.


Liking what you see?

We have fitters all across the UK ready to complete your project next week. No waiting period, whether it's daytime, evening or weekends, we will work around your schedule. Nothing is too big or too small for us here (we don't judge) and we will literally fit anything. 

We have recently updated our residential fitting service to include LVT, laminate and screeding, check it out HERE! 

So if you're interested in taking advantage of this fabulous fitting service, all you need to do is head on over to our online fitting page and fill out the enquiry form. Alternatively, you can call our savy sales team on 0345 222 1544 and we can give  you a quote for both your products and the fitting of them too.