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Flooring for schools: Breakout areas

Annabelle Harris

Flooring for schools: Breakout areas

What is a breakout area?

Despite the slightly misleading name, breakout areas aren't just designed for breaks and breaks only. Breakout areas offer students and staff an informal space to meet, study, relax and socialise.

Creating these spaces for students to gather outside of the classroom is invaluable to learning. An extension of the classroom, these informal seating areas allow students to study quietly alone or together in teams to continue class discussions or work on group projects. Everyone learns differently and for some these flexible and collaborative spaces will inspire creativity and collaboration.

Breakout areas also act as a time-out zone (not the bad time out, the I just need 5 minutes time-out) where students can enjoy a bit of normality before returning to the chaos of the classroom. We all need a bit of 'me' time every now and then when things get a bit much, breakout areas are safe place for students to go.


It’s all in the interior design choices

Breakout areas should be flooded with bright and stimulating colours to motivate students and get their creative thoughts pumping. It's amazing how much flooring can totally transform the look and feel of the room. Therefore, opting for fresh new carpet tiles or vinyl flooring can totally re-vamp a dull and tired space into a motivational breakout area.

Now we all love a bit of mixing and matching and combining carpet tiles and vinyl products are ideal for these spaces. This classic combo helps to differentiate areas through zoning by clearly defining different areas in an open planned space.

There is definitely going to be some choccy biscuits nibbled on during study time (I mean, studying without snacks is practically illegal) so you're going to need some pretty hard wearing carpet tiles and some vinyl products that are easy to clean.

Carpet tiles for breakout areas

Nouveau Elite Linear -  Elite by name and elite by nature (but you won’t need an elite pocket full of pennies). Boasting wear-resistant fibres, these carpet tiles stand up against high traffic, constant impact and everyday wear and tear. Featuring a minimal contrasting linear pattern running through the carpet tile, Elite Linear can be combined seamlessly with other Nouveau Elite ranges to differentiate areas and create a truly bespoke finish. 

Nouveau Connections - Our most budget friendly carpet tile, Connections is the perfect way to transform your breakout area without breaking the bank. Despite its low price point, its quality and durability cannot be faulted. Simple to install, easy to maintain (thanks to Stainsafe® technology) and relentlessly durable, these 100% polypropylene tiles are one tough cookie. 

Nouveau Futureproof - Available in 36 diverse colourways, from bright oranges to soft greys, Futureproof is perfect to add a pop of colour into breakout areas. Boasting a 10 year guarantee, a class 33 commercial contract floor rating and a class A castor chair rating, this carpet tile is perfect for spaces where footfall is high. Plus, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet to as Futureproof is made from 100% ECONYL yarn and 100% regenerated solution dyed nylon.


Interface Works Geometry - Geometry well, does pretty much what it says on the tin. It provides a geometric and linear design to give a solid and vibrant foundation to any your space. Enhanced by a mixture of bright and neutral tones, this highly durable carpet tile has a 15 year guarantee and the usual Interface class 33 commercial contract floor rating.

Modulyss First Forward - Offering a mahoosive range of 27 colours, from classy neutrals to funky bolds, First Forward brings you an endless wealth of mix and match design possibilities. Boasting increased wear resistance, strong rubbing fastness, as well as light and colour fastness, these tiles are ideal for breakout areas.

Milliken Glazed Clay - Taking its inspiration from glazed clay (duh), this hard-wearing and unique carpet tile is perfect for break-out areas thanks to their easy clean and easy maintenance. Featuring Stainsmart, a feature that provides unmatched protection for your carpet against penetrating stains and soil, tea and pasta spillages will be the least of your worries.


Sheet vinyl & LVT for breakout areas

Polyflor Palettone PUR - Enabling you to bring a touch of style and charm to your environment thanks to its 50, (yes 5-0!) colourways, Palettone PUR is the perfect choice for the education sector. Featuring a high quality cross-linked PUR coating, (Polyflor’s exclusive and robust polyurethane reinforcement) Palettone boasts superior cleaning benefits and a low maintenance cleaning regime.

Forbo Eternal Colour - Featuring a series of digitally printed flooring designs, we bring you colour (and lots of it). From subtle colour gradients to bold solid colours, Eternal Colour offers and inspiring choice of colour and design, allowing you to have fun with your design. Ideal for breakout areas to keep the ol’ brainbox ticking over, these vinyl flooring will add a pop of colour to any space.

Interface Studio Set - This modern LVT range is all about colour - you can literally experience complete rainbow vibes in your interior space. Studio Set is designed to sit seamlessly next to modular carpet without the need of transition strips, making this range is ideal for zoning. Featuring a sound ChoiceTM backing layer to dampen impact sound, this hard wearing product is perfect to create a vibrant and stimulating environment. 


Did you know we fit?

After we've found the perfect carpet tiles or vinyl to suit your project requirements, we'll even roll up our sleeves and lay them for you too. We offer a bespoke installation service and call upon our team of expert fitters to make sure we achieve that professional finish every time.

So if you are looking for a stress free installation then head on over to our fitting page to book yourself in! Or alternatively, give us a call on 0345 222 1541

Check out these previous fitting projects we completed at Southampton University and Grove Primary School..


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