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How to clean LVT flooring

Naomi Kenny

How to clean LVT flooring

Want to keep your LVT in immaculate condition? No problem - This Dr. Schutz Floor Care Kit will do the trick!

Whip your floor into the best shape of it's life with this 5 piece kit that can bust through the toughest stains and dirt, leaving your floor as clean as Mrs. Hinch's home. It enhances the floor with anti-slip properties with a natural matt care film that brings out it's natural appearance, whilst protecting the floor from new scratches and makes even the most warn floors look brand spanking new again!


What comes in the Dr. Schutz Floor Care Kit?

Clean and Strip 750ml

Intensive cleaning and dirt removal solution. Removes the remains of old care products, stubborn stains and adhesive residue on newly installed or heavily soiled vinyl, linoleum, rubber and resin floors. Simply dilute with water to a ratio between 1:5 and 1:10 (depending on the extent of dirt) and mop the floor. Allow to stand for 10 minutes and be sure to clean the surface with clear water until completely clean and dry.

Coverage: 30-50m2/L

Floor Matt 750ml

Initial protection and treatment. Simply mop over your floor to add an extra protective layer and make day to day cleaning even easier. When the first protective film is firm to walk on (after approximately 1 hour), mop a second coat and allow to dry for at least 12 hours before the floor is walked on, ideally overnight.

Coverage: 20m2/L

Floor Cleaner R 1000 750ml

Routine cleaning solution. Cleans, protects and adds safety to your flooring in one step. Simply dilute with water to a ratio of 1:200 (25ml to 5 litres of water) for a slip resistant and water-soluble protective film.

Coverage: 1000m2/L

White and Green Pads

Application and cleaning pads. Use the supplied white pad for application and the green pad for intensive cleaning and removal stubborn stains and dirt. Note that the green pad is not recommended for use with rubber floors.

Furniture Protectors

Scratch protection. Simply place the pads onto the feet of your chairs, table legs and other furniture to protect your floor from scratching.

How do I use the kit?

We'll break it down real simple for you to follow!

Step 1. Hoover that floor! You'll need to get good old Henry out to hoover up all the little bits and dust so your floor it's bitty free. 

Step 2. Scrub Scrub Scrub. Use the Clean and Strip solution undiluted to spot clean any old floor polish or stains with the green pad. Once those stubborn stain patches are removed, use the Clean and Strip solution again, this time diluting it with water and apply it to your whole flooring with the white pad which can be attached to a mop. After this, you should clean the floor again with just water to neutralise the surface.After stripping and rinsing, leave your floor to dry!

Step 3. It's time to Matt! If scratches and wear marks are still visible, use the Floor Matt solution undiluted to spread evenly across the floor. It forms a natural matt care film, which brings out the warmth in your floor and it's natural appearance. It protects the floor from new scratches and makes the most worn floors look brand spanking new again.

Do you have a video of the process? Of course we do!