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How to keep your carpet tiles clean

Jon Techilovsky

How to keep your carpet tiles clean

Keep your carpet tiles looking shiny and new for years to come with these tips on how to keep your carpet tiles so clean even COVID-19 doesn't stand a chance.


A brush vacuum cleaner can remove around 80% of the dirt in your carpet, and helps to retain the appearance of a carpet tile. Sorry Henry, but offices need brush vacuum cleaners in order to get all the muck that’s been trodden in the carpet tiles. Also one more thing, don’t forget to change the vacuum bag regularly!

The vacuum frequency is determined by foot traffic and soiling of the carpet:

  • Heavily intensive traffic: 1 x per day
  • Intensive traffic: 2 to 3 x per week
  • Normal traffic: 1 x per week

Spot Cleaning

So the office klutz has spilled their black coffee all over the brand new carpet tiles, how do you get the stain out?

We recommend that marks be removed from the carpet immediately, as old spots are far more difficult to clean. Remove the liquid with a clean, damp cloth and work from the edges towards the middle of the mark. Dab the mark, but never rub it.

When removing marks, carefully follow the instructions mentioned on the cleaning products you’re using. Always use products that are pH neutral and avoid products with chlorine (e.g. bleach) or chemically aggressive oxidants unless you can mix it with water to dilute it down. Pre-test a covered area to see if it’s okay to use. Don’t go ahead with the cleaning products if it begins to turn your carpet tile a different colour!


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