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How to Lay Carpet Tiles Yourself

Jon Techilovsky

How to Lay Carpet Tiles Yourself

So you’ve found this blog, which means you’re either really interested in everything to do with carpet tiles or you’ve just bought a couple boxes and to save a few bob, you fancy trying it out for yourself; I think it’s the latter.

Well you’re in luck, because this easy peasy guide will help you lay your carpet tiles no problem, you just need a few tools and basic knowledge before getting your hands dirty.

What you will need:


1 ) Carpet tiles (duh);

2) Stanley knife;

3) Measuring tape;

4) Pencil;

5) Someone to blame if it all goes wrong;

6) Bostik Spray Adhesive (optional);

The first step you need to do is sweep your sub floor, get rid of all the muck that’s been sitting underneath your couch or the bodies that you’ve stashed in the floorboards (that’s not our business). You just need a level, clean, dry sub floor before you start laying your carpet tiles.

Next you need to define the centre of the room. You’ll need your tape measure and a pencil for this. You can do this by measuring wall to wall and marking where the centre is.

Check your carpet tile box to see if it says quarter turn or monolithic, they should have little diagrams on them like this:

This tells you which way the pattern is laid. Start laying them in the centre of the room and create two crossed rows of tiles. If you don’t know what this means, watch our man Bob fit them. He’s not very talkative but he’ll show you what to do.

If you need to cut your perimeter carpet tiles, make sure you cut them from the back, i’m not quite sure why but Bob has done it that way without explanation so you need to as well. Trust Bob, he looks like he knows what he’s doing.

Now, you can loose lay your carpet tiles (just leave them as it is on the floor) or you can secure them a little better with the Bostik Spray Adhesive. It covers approximately 28 carpet tiles and all you need to do is spray a bit on the back of the tile and stick it down. The best thing about Bostik Spray Adhesive is that you can take the carpet tiles back up if you fancy a change and there will be no damage or residue on your sub floor.

When you’ve finally laid down your carpet tiles, hoover all the little fibres up or you’ll be sneezing for weeks. We work in a warehouse filled with carpet tiles, so trust us, if you don’t hoover up those pesky little fibres, your nose definitely will.

Well, there you have it. You’ve fitted your space with carpet tiles. Add that on to your CV. Just don’t do a Laine, be careful with coloured liquids.

Hello I just shattered a bottle of red nail polish on my tile floor and it splattered onto the white cabinets and carpet. pic.twitter.com/OZPZZgzQLI

— Laine (@LaineHuebner) January 31, 2020

Please do send us a picture of your craftsmanship on twitter, instagram or email sales@dctuk.com, we’d love to see it!


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