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Meet the Interface Output family


Meet the Interface Output family

Whether you're the type of person who wants one of everything at the pick 'n' mix counter, or prefer to fill your bucket to the brim with foam fruits exclusively, you're going to go bananas for this complimentary trio of carpet tile ranges.

Interface Output Loop, Output Lines and Output Micro can all be used exclusively for proper gorgeous wall to wall floor coverings, or to create modern mix & magic so let's have a closer inspection at each individual member of the family...

Output Loop - limited launch price: £2.98

As the most modest of the Output trio, Output Loop is a real commercial carpet tile classic. Interface themselves describe it as a "hardworking carpet tile with broad possibilities" and I can vouch for that, I've got the swatchbook sitting next to me right now. It's a true beauty.

Interface Output Loop carpet tiles in a commercial space
Interface Output Loop carpet tiles
Interface Output Loop carpet tile colours
Output Loop colours: Pewter, Mineral & Ivy

A 100% Nylon, plain level construction is always a safe bet if you're looking to fit out any public or commercial space thanks to its resounding durability and longevity. That little extra something that Output Loop brings to the table (or floor) though is an impressive 15 year wear warranty and a varied colour palette that promises to seduce both modern and traditional flooring fanatics.

Output Lines - limited launch price: £2.98

As the subtly striped member of the Output posse, Output Lines knows how to make a style statement without shouting too loud about it. Suitability for use with castor chairs and a whooping great 15 year wear guarantee mean these affordable carpet tiles are as substantial as you like too so what's not to love?

Interface Output Lines carpet tiles with castor chairs on top
Interface Output Lines carpet tiles
Interface Output Lines carpet tile colours
Output Lines colours: Fossil, Driftwood & Prussian

We're not about cheap carpet tiles without any quality credentials to speak of. We're about affordable design and enabling you to creating cutting edge applications on a budget, which is why we've given you a special DCTUK discount on these super chic, stripy carpet tiles. A concise colour palette is fresher than a peppermint and makes the selection process super simple so you don't end up with your brain all boggled.

Output Micro - limited launch price: £3.59

It might be teeny tiny and super tight in composition but Interface Output Micro carpet tiles pack a mean punch when it comes to performance. Seriously, you don't want to stand in the way of this feisty little number when it's put to the challenge of high footfall and heavy contract commercial use.

Interface Output Micro carpet tiles in an office with desk and chair
Interface Output Micro carpet tiles
Interface Output Micro carpet tile colours
Output Micro colours: Flint, Papyrus & Admiral

Microtuft™ manufacturing was introduced to the market by our friends and partners, Interface to provide an eco-conscious hybrid between hard and soft flooring. During this unique process, the recycled Nylon yarns are fused directly to the Graphlex® backing which means less materials are required and no need for a latex pre-coat. Don't be fooled by the streamline nature of Microtuft carpet tiles though, they know what they're doing with their class 33 heavy contract wear classification, that's for sure.